a summary of 09

time really flies. 2009 was the year we all turned 20. fb statuses, tweets of all 89 kids all over lamented the same dread about leaving their precious teenhood for the start of the tumultuous twenties.

in the same year, loads of other big changes seem to be happening as well. i’d like to call it the phase-transition. such a phenomenon typically starts from 08 and seem to peak in the year 09.

phase 1: getting attached in JC

phase 2: bf goes to army

phase 3: gf dumps army boy for new bf

of course, phase 3 can manifest itself in a variety of ways. but as we can all agree, it always seems to hover around the same situation:

boy falls involuntarily in love with the army. pretty soon, the army is all he can talk about. ‘oooh! today i do 5bx’, ‘oooh! today i carry 20kg field pack!’, ‘ooh i need to go buy ziplock for dear army!’

eventually, girl feels left out and realizes that its impossible to take the place of this wonderful chick called army. then girl meets this wonderful uni boy who drives, pays for dinner, and doesn’t have to book in like EVER! and girl says to bf, ‘bye you lozer who rather be with army’

and boy falls into depression because he realizes that army has actually ruined his life. he swears to ord and ruin the lives of more army boys by taking over the position of the scheming uni boy.

as colourful as the picture is, it was never like that for me, for the sole reason that my course is a freaking convent lol. regardless, i think the portion of time that i had to be independent really taught me alot, and gave me the chance to accomplish alot of things that i couldn’t do before. i didn’t realize that i had become so heavily reliant on someone else doing everything for me. then it came the day when the decision had to be inevitable for so many reasons, and i had to learn from scratch to be my own person.

its been a long journey, made so much easier by awesome friends- its times like these that you realize that nothing can ever replace them. not even edward cullen because he will break your heart one day lol.

i suppose being single has both its ups and downs. but at the end of the day, everybody needs somebody. and in the strangest of situations and places, i’ve found him (:

moving on, 2009 was also a really good year for other miracles too!

for instance, getting the SGH sponsorship. when my mum first persuaded me to apply for it in June, i just did it to appease her and cease the constant drone of nagging. i never thought i stood a chance. but along came the first interview, and the second interview, and after each time, i’d always think pessimistic thoughts so as not to get my hopes up too high.

but then i got it! freaking amazing, and although its probably not as prestigious and kewl as the scholarship, its still a guaranteed job after graduation and a $1K allowance every month! (:

besides that, the amazing yr 2 sem 1 results was also another miracle that i’ve yet to take it fully. kinda makes up for all the times i felt like shit this year i guess.

in summary, 09 was one of the most memorable years ever. so much drama equivalent to two full episodes of Gossip Girl, minus the disturbing threesome of course. so here’s 9 most valuable lessons of 09:

1. straight china-doll bangs make my face look fat. ya i took me 10 long months to finally figure it out.

2. online shopping is a compulsive but extremely rewarding hobby, provided there are sufficient funds to support it.

3. abstain from any form of fluids 3 hours before a 5 hour long coach journey.

4. practice peeing into a bottle occasionally to improve aim, just in case you failed to achieve 3.

5. inbreeding in pharmacy has not reached its saturation maximum yet. there are still, indeed, free active sites on enzymes yet to be filled by the overwhelming number of substrate molecules.

6. the package-sizing technique. well actually, i’d say that its a more valuable lesson for suelynn

7. a first date is The most nerve-wrecking experience ever. i think i’d rather take an exam i haven’t studied for than subject myself to the torture of an entire park of butterflies in my tummy again.

8. friends don’t use personal information of friends as conversational starters for other people. shit like that is bound to come right back around.

9. if you wear a skirt, be prepared to swat the mosquitoes. i.e. skirt-mosquito correlation

well, here’s a funny story:  haha one day i was googling my blog to look for a particular entry when i found this website http://blog.taragana.com/health/2009/11/02/delhi-reports-391-dengue-cases-so-far-14798/ that had a tiny little link to that skirt-mosquito correlation entry on my blog LOL!

lastly, the inevitable resolving for the new year

1. learn driving – extremely reluctant to fulfill this but we’ll see where my impulse decisions take me

2. lose 2 kg

3. be a better daughter and sister (i.e. intro my brother to cooler clothes online)

4. round CAP up to a sweet 4.5 by next dec

5. go abroad with friends! – such things must be resolved so that it has a possibility of materializing

6. sell all the clothes that don’t fit into my wardrobe anymore

other than that, goodbye 2009.

surprise me, 2010.


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