ri-so good!

feeling inspired from xx’s guide to life video, we decided to try our hands at making risotto. i guess i chose that because i suck at understanding recipes. either i don’t understand what ingredients they are getting at, or the method they are describing. i’m a very visual person and i need to watch things being done before i can fully comprehend the task at hand.

so the video instructs us exactly what ingredients to get and how to go about doing it. pretty easy to follow la. except, to be safe, additional research was done on conventional risotto recipes to see if the technique was accurate.

also, i got gen to spill a couple of her recipes. and she suggested baked veges, and baked salmon fillet.

i’m an absolute noob in the kitchen la. so whatever you read from now on will probably sound like a complete joke. but A for effort right? (:

the risotto was easy enough to make. we bought sliced white button mushrooms to make things easy, used normal chinese rice, and added in spicy pork sausages as an extra ingredient. first sautéed the mushrooms and sausages with chopped garlic and olive oil, then took them out and replaced the wok or whatever with the rice. after half an hour of adding chicken stock with continuous stirring, the rice was cooked. so the last step was to pour the mushrooms and sausages back in and add the cream. done!

eh eh i did most of the risotto cooking all by myself! so proud neh! and it actually turned out to be pretty tasty too! 😀 although the quality of it would be a different story altogether lol.

shut up. i know it looks like i'm cooking for oliver twist

the baked salmon dish was also easy. just added salt, pepper and olive oil and massaged the fish before putting it into the toaster for 15 mins. but of course i say easy la- also not i do one.

disbelievingly massaging the salmon

well well. then came the baked vegetables. sound DAMN EASY right? like just cut up the broccoli, carrots and capsicum, add onions, olive oil, salt and pepper, and then stuff it in the oven. but basket, we baked the bloody thing for like 1 hour also freaking raw. epic fail. in the end baked too long until the broccoli was burnt…

before stuffing into oven

after 1 hour - zomg yuck

aiyar screw it. next time fry with oyster sauce can already.

happy despite food looking like prison meals

now i have garlic-smelling fingers that refuse to go away (the smell, not the fingers) despite numerous scrubs with dettol.

anyhow, met up with suelynn today after the longest time ever (because she was in Italy) and shopping for 5 hours straight. shopping should be considered a form of exercise man. my legs and back are aching from all the walking and stretching to zip that suffocating Topshop corset. anyway i’m so happy because i managed to find the bodycon rose skirt i was eyeing ages ago in the sale section! $63 to $39 yo! (((: yay, i can pair it with my (also Topshop) ruffled toga top tomorrow, just like it was on the display mannequin a long long time ago!

other than that, didn’t buy much because i’m saving up to buy a Coach wallet from the US. my very first branded purchase (:

later that evening, i met up with shen and moey for some bromance. hahaha we sat at xin wang hk cafe (I FINALLY FOUND A PLACE THAT SELLS YINGYONG!) for the longest time talking about all sorts of rubbish, with multiple references to shen’s alpha male tendencies. it first started when we were treated to a detailed description about his very eventful Tuesday, when shit happened to him twice in a row (pipe burst and car batt die) and he dealt with it like a true alpha male (fixed pipe HIMSELF and jumpstart car respectively). and so the label kinda stuck on after that:

like how he got irritated with the fact that the pole supporting our table was totally invading the personal space of his alpha male ego.

and how an alpha male should deal with girls who confess their love and try to hug them every chance they get.

absolutely hilarious man. in addition, i found out so much juicy gossip about fellow schoolmates! stuff that even facebook is incapable of spreading- but also because of the new privacy settings gah..

yes anyway i got to hear stuff about E getting hitched (but not because she got knocked up), P losing the ability to give birth naturally thanks to a probably large-packaged bf (a good cautionary tale for promoting abstinence) and M spotted dancing with a girl in a club despite being anti-clubbing not too long ago.

i know what you’re thinking- i should really run a Gossip Girl column with people feeding me information by email.

kinda helps me remember that my life isn’t as interesting as theirs, but definitely in a good way of course. people’ll probably be like

‘eh whatsup with michelle?’,

‘oh, nothing la. she’s still the same nerd doing the same boring things, albeit abit of clubbing. but chey! everyone does that now, even though 6 months ago they were all like “clubbing is a pointless lifestyle of excess” ‘


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