are you with me, or not at all

in my state of euphoria after finding out that i got the SGH sponsorship, i readily agreed to give a bunch of people treats. and now i’m beginning to see why it wasn’t such a good idea.

haha nonetheless, it gives me the chance to have a nice meal with them. and paying for it using my credit card makes it less painful because i dont feel the pinch. in fact, actually, i think it’s damn cool and slick to pay for meals using credit card. haha i think i’m going to do that more often for the fun of it.

so today was gen’s turn. and she picked Rakuzen, which is located at millenia walk.

its a cozy japanese restaurant with great ambience and a nicely dimmed interior. oh, and the service there is really top class.

there’s this waiter who was super attentive and polite from the time we stepped in till the time we left the place. when we first entered the place, he was extremely apologetic for missing out my reservation. i could’ve bluffed him about it and he’d still be terribly sorry anyway.

and when he took our orders, he’ll squat down right beside you and make sure he is within 1 metre from your face so that he doesn’t miss anything out. k that part kinda invades my personal space, but i gotta give him credit for working those thigh muscles.

oh, and he REMEMBERS exactly who is having what. like when our handrolls came together in the little tray. he came around to position it such that each of our handrolls were placed at a minimum distance away from us. freaking meticulous la!

but no he’s not cute, so i’m giving him a good review solely based on his top class work ethic.

the food there is nearly like sushi tei though. haha but they have all sorts of funny names for their sushi plates. like STAMINA ROLL. and shit, i can’t remember the other one. something like spanky salmon roll or some nonsense like that. super funny!

the daidai roll at sushi tei is better though.

then i felt like eating chawanmushi again because the one at Minori was so gooood. yea the Rakuzen one is just as good! with gingko nuts too so that my brain is still in a workable state for sem 2.

and had salmon skin handroll. yum!

as well as salmon sashimi. k i guess i prefer thinner slices of salmon, unlike the phat ones at Minori. that time eat until damnnn gelat sia.

dessert was great too! the matcha ice-cream is super shiokkkk la. its tastier than the one at Sun with Moon, although the matcha float there has more interesting things. this one only came with red bean and 3 pathetic balls. i’m never going to order that with balls next time. the balls cost $5 more la wtf. everytime i popped one into my mouth, gen will go ‘$1.70‘.

haha yea the hair picture originated when gen decided that ‘there was too much forehead showing’.

ok we do crazy things. as much as we enjoy spying on other people doing crazy things.

my goodness, i dont get how couples can pda so openly (ok i guess its called Pda for a reason) and still be so nonchalant about it. this couple on the train was hugging each other tighter than you’d hang on to the mrt pole if the train tilted 90 degrees to the right. and the guy was making this funny noise- sounded very much like a mating cat. you know what the gf tell him?

you very cute leh

i think i need to start carrying a plastic bag around for cases like this where i might accidentally barf out my dinner, and not because i have motion sickness.

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  1. Hahaha actually I’m the one who always click on the bikini photos hahaha kidding and Alvin and I must rmb not to pda in front of you already unless you got plastic bag ):


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