tis the season for stuffing face

i have been avoiding my weighing scale because of all the eating i’ve been doing this festive season. screw it right? you only get to eat this much twice a year: CNY and Xmas. so just go all out!

had the annual xmas party lunch at gen’s, with great food and company! haha met clarine and creswell after a longggg time (since the last xmas party) and got badgered big time about why i showed up alone.

the pasta sauce and mushroom soup that gen’s mum made were top-class yo! i bet she could sell that stuff and make pasta mania go bust.

the hair that gen claims is 'dark brown'

haha its amazing how so much can change in a year. clarine is now 8 months pregnant with lewine (the names that people think of these days…) and gen’s 15 year old cousin is strutting to the family-friendly party in 3 inch booties. even the most annoying party pooper (who would’ve been the target of flying pieces of logcake last year) is now reformed and actually pleasant, thanks to the army. though now there’s a new person i’d really love to stuff logcake with just so she will shut up.

but its christmas, and i’ll cut back on the bitch.

after lunch i flew to the east where we were supposed to watch love actually! because its the best christmas movie ever!!! but the format of the video was in mp4 and the dvd player couldn’t read it ):

so we watched sleepless in seattle instead- was a typical love movie of the 90s. i’m so glad scriptwriters have become more creative with love movies now. sleepless in seattle was so dull la omg.. plus, it was still the time when meg ryan had xiao cha bo hair, instead of the famous bob.

well, at least the buffet dinner at Minori was lipsmacking-ly good!

there was soooo much jap food to order off the menu! and the grilled unagi there is Power i tell you! we had like beef in special sauce (really good!), black pepper pork, ebi tempura, chawanmushi (with gingko nuts leh!), fried shisamo, pumpkin croquette (damn shiokz!) quail eggs, tako yaki, yakitori, salmon & swordtail & snapper sashimi and salmon with mayo sushi…and my memory fails me.

i wish i had been hungrier to try the handrolls too! well next time then..

wish the tables were bigger

took a longgggg stroll from clarke quay to raffles place to digest all the food. loved the xmas lights and the laidback ambience of clarke quay! and hate that you can only dine at posh restaurants like town (at fullerton) on Christmas Day if you become an SPG.

like to prey on angmohs to get them to take photos for us

gotta love christmas (:

hope you had a good one!


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  1. Omg I’m hungry just reading this!


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