hot mess

finally returned to mambo after what seemed like the longest time ever. haha mambo has never been my thing because i suck at all the moves and it’s so hard to try and learn them when the dancefloor is so hazy and my vision is even hazier because of my dried up contacts.

phuture is even worst because everyone is pushing everyone and the songs suck. and i absolutely hate it when retards get agitated and pick fights just because someone else is giving them a little shove. hello, its a freaking high-population-density-club for goodness sake. you think people so free want to come and push you ah? push you got money to earn isit?

the only reason why someone is shoving you, is because someone else next to that someone is shoving the latter. and simple physics will be sufficient to explain that the ‘torque’ eventually gets transferred onto your precious body. you don’t want people to touch you then stay at home la.

well unfortunately though, i’m going to be the hypocrite here and say that i also hate retards who step on my toes. last night was so bad, i got trampled on like 21850182082109832 times! and each time was excruciatingly painful! i was wincing like mad and being this close to crying, esp when you get the back of a 3 inch heel on your little toe.

next time i’m going to wear shoes with spikes all over so no one will get 3 inches near my poor toes.

lol! though last night was pretty fun still because there was too much to drink. at one point, we had like 1/8 a bottle of havana club to finish, and all of us were pretty repulsed by the taste already and kept forcing each other to finish it. but then the next minute, there was a loud SPLASH! and we turned around and found the bottle bobbing around in the fountain because jess knocked it over HAHAHA!

when xj and derrick came, they brought along this bottle of anti-hangover pills. i tried to read the ingredients on the bottle but the words were swimming all over so i couldn’t decide if they were going to work. well i took one anyway, and i can tell you that they dont work because now i’m having a migraine. lol!!

melinda also had all these lightsticks and one of them was leaking so we started drawing smiley faces on our hands with the neon liquid. and i wore the rest of the lightsticks as bangles. freaking glowing like mad la! though by the end of the night i lost them all hahah!

check out the fierce leggings + heels

am gonna pop some paracetamol now.


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