ticklish toes

woke up at 830am with every intention of going down to OCC for a good tan.

but then it was drizzling outside kns…so i called gen and we decided to go back to sleep and cancel tanning plans. haha instead, i spent the entire afternoon walking around town with melly! wah luckily i never buy anything from KL’s topshop. the topshops here just started their sale! and i only paid like $35.10 for a velvet skirt that probably costs $56 normally. NICE!

went to finish all my long overdue xmas shopping as well. at least i have managed to half the number of things i need to accomplish before friday. now i’m left with the wrapping and card-making, which i will get down to, soon..

in the evening, i met gen for a pre-xmas pedicure. not that its a yearly tradition, i think it was more of an excuse to get our nails done.

gen is the funniest man. it was so easy for the pedicurist to earn her $30 because she kept cutting back on all the foot massage, dead skin removal, and basically every single thing that involved touching gen’s oversensitive foot because it tickled her so much. gen would literally break up into spasms of giggles every time the pedicurist did something, which really defeats the whole purpose of a pedicure hahaha.

nonetheless, our nails are all set for xmas! i got a shimmery shade of RAD, and painted my nails at home later to match. RAD AH! ANG ANG AH! HUAT AH!!!

hopefully huat for results day tomorrow also…

ok i hope the weather is good for tanning at SICC tomorrow! 😀


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