genting-kl 2009

day ONE

with barely 5 hours of sleep the night before, we set off in a cab for golden mile for the coach pickup point. it was my virgin coach experience, and so far, it hadn’t been disappointing at all. there are comfy leather seats that recline to resemble the lazy chairs that Joey and Chandler watch Baywatch on. the chairs were even coupled with the ‘massage’ function. but it was quite lousy la. kinda made my migraine worse so i didn’t use it.

there weren’t any toilets in the bus, but they make pretty frequent stops to cater to the bladderly-challenged (i.e. me) although if you read on, i had to resort to certain drastic measures when nature started to call really badly on the return trip to Singapore.

with 7 hours to spare on the bus journey to Genting, i watched The Nanny Diaries for the second time on the lousy small tv monitor. the scene where little Grayer chases after Annie’s taxi never fails to make my cry ):

upon crossing the Malaysian border, i realized that i didn’t have autoroam. Singtel is a sneaky little bitch. i thought it was possible to use my phone overseas automatically since there’s pay-as-you-roam now. apparently not…

finally reached Genting at 3pm. the weather here is fantastic, kinda reminds me of melbourne. but then i underestimated the temperature and brought a jacket that was useless in keeping me warm. well at least it was cheap and made me looked cool in pictures, and that was the reason why i bought it from f21 in the first place lol! there’s always a price to pay for looking good right?

because it was pointless to buy a full-day pass for the theme park when we only had so few hours left to use it, we decided to keep the fun for day two. but then we got extremely bored walking around the whole complex, which was ancient, smelly, and noisy. day one was terrible because i got extremely homesick, esp when looking at the state of the public toilets. even freaking ION orchard has nicer toilets than the hotel la.

and i absolutely hated that they allowed smoking in air-conditioned places. inconsiderate pigs were smoking in restaurants, escalators and subjecting the rest of us to breathe in their disgusting second-hand smoke.

at night, i killed time by watching Priceless (for the second time) on the hotel tv at night. french is no doubt an extremely seductive language. hahaha tried to pick up the accent by repeating after the actors. even saying ‘shit’ in french sounds sexy.

day TWO

alas, some excitement!

silly hats by the roadside stalls

1. Bumper Boat

we decided to opt for a noobass ride to kickstart the day. queueing was insane la because each round was 10 minutes, so we were lining up for nearly an hour plus, but partly also because of stupid kids who cut-queues. pissed us off so badly that we kicked a couple of them who had the nerve to slip right in front of us.

while queuing though, we spent most of the time observing and learning how to operate the little boats, so that we wouldn’t be laughed at, when it came to our turn, by other bored people waiting in line.

well it turned out pretty ok! other than getting my bag and birks soaked while trying to avoid my crazy brother who thinks he’s playing Burn Out.

2. Flying Coaster

i promised myself i wouldn’t be a pussy, and take at least one thrilling ride. so i looked at all the thrilling rides listed on the map and decided that the Flying Coaster was the coolest and safest out of the lot. the stupid Spaceshot was out of the question because i think i might either vomit (imagine where the vomit would end up), faint or burst my lungs while screaming for dear life.

so many crazy idiots lining up to simulate the feeling of jumping off a building

the queue for the Flying Coaster ride was amazingly quick too! i left my birks with my dad to avoid losing them while lying in the horizontal position.

the upward ascent felt like the longest 10 seconds of my life. that was also the only time that i had my eyes open. the moment the coaster plunged down, i screamed, and screamed like a pussy. being in a horizontal position really didn’t make matters easier, because my screaming became suppressed and it sounded like i was in labour. i could hear my brother groaning on the other end, and occasionally trying to mask his fear with forced ‘WOOP’s at the end of is ‘AHHH’s.

wah, bloody exhilarating shit man. too bad we were too fast for the camera. would have loved to have a photo memory of my brave conquest.

3. Paddle Boat

compromised and accompanied my parents to take the slow paddling boat ride for a nice cruise around the lake. however, there was nothing relaxing about having to paddle and steer continuously to avoid hitting into bridges, rocks or other people’s boats.

haha i left my brother, the ex-sailor, to do all the steering while i focused on paddling when he asked me to, and taking photos.

4. Ferris Wheel

was nothing compared to the Singapore Flyer of course. we only managed to take a short 10 minute ride around the little wheel, though the view from the top was fantastic!

hahaha seriously, why would a drunktard wanna come all the way to a themepark to ride on the ferris wheel?!

5. Dinosaurland boat ride

this was officially The Most anti-climatic ride of the entire theme park.

they spent so much effort building all these plastic dinosaur figures outside to create an impression that the boat ride is going to be real epic and real cool. but when we entered the cave, all we got was a pathetic 5-minute educational talk about the different types of dinosaurs, aided by crude moving fake-o-sauruses.

6. Kiddie Carousel

i can’t stress on the word ‘Kiddie’ more. it was an extremely uncool ride for a 20 year old and the only reason why we decided to ride it was because there was no queue LOL. and unlike the HK disneyland carousel, not all the horsies can move up and down ); so i ended up on a stupid camel that remained stationary throughout.

7. Swings

i think this ride had one of the longer queues next to Spaceshot. it was moderately thrilling, although it looks more frightening than it really is. i screamed more coolly this time around, learning my brother’s trick of replacing my ‘AHHH’s with ‘WOOOP’s.

8. Monorail

by the time we moved to the front of the never-ending queue and got into the train, the evening mist had started to fill up the entire themepark. it was really amazing and definitely not something you’d see in sunny/rainy Singapore. unfortunately though, my lousy jacket couldn’t protect me from the dip in the temperature. and in the monorail, wayyy above everything else and higher up into the cold clouds, i was literally freezing my butt off.

worse still, the train kept stopping at random intervals in the middle of nowhere for god knows what reason. there wasn’t even any voiceover commentary to describe different parts of the themepark.

well i’m pretty certain about 1 thing when it comes to Genting:

i’m never coming back


goodbye genting and your shitty chilly weather and hello to modern Malaysian civilization!

we stayed at Hotel Capitol, which is conveniently located in the middle of the city centre, with all the happeningz malls within walking distance. that really boosted my lousy mood from being awfully homesick in genting.

Materialism is my Marijuana.

we met up with my dad’s ex-colleague, who took us to a restaurant in Pusat for lunch. that was where i had the most awesome drink in the entire world – coffee+tea! i guess it’s called a couple of names depending where you go to. the restaurant that i was in called it Papa Cham. then some other chinese place calls it Yinyong. ah whatever, it tastes damn good! i’m definitely gonna look out for it in al-ameen/azhar the next time.

then he took us to his office for a tour around the small building. didn’t interest me much, until they gave me the password for their wireless internet connection. and i spent the rest of the time basking in the blissful company of the outside world via my ipod touch. never realized how addicted i was to the internet until now..

the next place we visited was KLCC. stepping into such a massive building with familiar shops like Zara, Topshop and Mango felt absolutely euphoric! we had 1.5 hours to scour the entire shopping mall for good deals before dinner. but you can’t impossibly set a time limit on things like shopping. by dinner time, we had only managed to cover 2 levels of shops. i bought a skirt from Zara. i doubt it’s much cheaper than Singapore la but the great thing about holidays is that mummy pays, so it doesn’t really matter LOL!

we vowed to return the next day to complete our mall expedition.

dad’s friend then took us to Oversea (not a typo) Restaurant for dinner. i have to declare them as having the BEST tofu and fried rice dishes ever. Singapore has good food, but Malaysia can easily trump us as long as you know where to go.

day FOUR

hotel capitol’s buffet breakfast had a decent variety of good food to choose from! my favourites were the honey waffles and koko krunch cereal in fresh milk! om nom nom!

after a long lecture about how inconsistent bowel movement predisposes one to intestinal and colorectal cancers, mum made me spam lots of high fibre cherry tomatoes to help me move my bowels later. needless to say, her diet plan worked LOL!

spent the rest of the afternoon walking all around the city. navigating from one place to another on foot was extremely convenient and easy, though my legs were yearning for a good foot massage by the end of the day. well at least the joy of shopping helped to take away most of the agony.

i gotta love the malls in Malaysia because everything is SO BIG! the Pavilion had a MASSIVELY ENORMOUSLY LARGE forever 21. its twice the size of the vivo F21 and so much cleaner and better-smelling! suelynn and i would’ve got absolutely nutz and spent the entire day in there trying on all the different clothes and then making mental notes to buy them online- oh yea its still cheaper when i order online, so i didn’t bother to buy anything there.

Mango stores were also having saleeee!! no Mango sale escapes me man, not even when i’m overseas. i even managed to find the pretty sequin top that i was eyeing pre-sale in my size- something that is already near impossible to acheive in Singapore Mango sales. HALF PRICE YO! so proud of my good buy (:

my brother bought a hell lot of FCUK shirts for like S$40+ only because they were all on sale! sucks that the women’s sale only had fugly baggy shit ):

i made everyone walk into Tiffany & Co to look at all the pretty key pendants for my 21st birthday next year. the most gorgeous one (white gold with diamonds all over) cost about S$2.5K. i just gotta pray hard that cum September next year, i’ll be able to land my hands on it!. i seriously wouldn’t mind trading in a conventional chalet bbq for it lor, since its so troublesome to try and organize a party. haha go butter open bottle gao dim already! oh well, that’s for me to worry about next year anyway.

we had dinner with dad’s friend and family at Mei Keng Fatt restaurant, some famous seafood place apparently because i saw alot of angmohs coming in to eat the food. i tried sweet and sour chilli crab for the first time and i gotta say it’s actually pretty good! the sauce tastes alot like the normal chilli crab sauce, except with a tinge of sour flavour to it. but i stand by my opinion that Eng Seng’s black pepper crab pwns them all. can’t wait to go back and lick the black pepper sauce off my fingers heh heh!

day FIVE

we explored Berjaya Times Square in the time after breakfast and before the coach came to pick us up.

it’s pretty much like a massive Far East Square, although with odd shops here and there that were selling kinky and plain disturbing Halloween costumes and fake designer brands. haha i Almost wanted to buy the fake purple patent LV heart coin purse for the fun of it, but then mum wasn’t keen on letting me waste 29rm on it ):

hahahahaha!!!! we were having such a ball in one of them strange costume shops until the prudish salesperson came over and told us that cameras weren’t allowed -_-

ooh i have to say, though, that the face shop in Msia is MUCH cheaper than Singapore! i bought my top and bottom coats for less than S$2, which is like almost half the price of that in Singapore! i also bought the black/silver dual eyeliner on impulse since it was so cheap. hahaha would’ve bought the entire shop if they accepted credit card as well. perhaps next time then lol!

oh yes! i also managed to find Krispy Kremes in Berjaya Times Square! well, but like most donuts, they are overrated. haha but at least i can say that i’ve tried them before!

by 3.30pm we were on the coach ride back to Singapore. i watched The Wedding Game this time. chinese show neh! hahaha but local chinese movies are always enjoyable to watch because they’re always made to be humorously satirical of society.

i went to pee twice before boarding the coach but then my lousy bladder started to fill up by 4.30pm, and the next rest stop was due to be at least 2-3 hours later zomg. i really had all the intention in the world to suffer in silence until the next toilet break. but i learnt that bladder muscles reach a maximum limit of tolerance before it starts to get really painful and uncomfortable. and my limit was a full 2 hours. thanks to the bad traffic, we were nowhere near to the toilet break. so i had to resort to the inevitable:

i grabbed a half empty mineral bottle, a packet of tissue and hid in the back of the bus (after surveying the entire place in search of hidden cctvs) to do the deed.

its days like these that i wish i were male and had better control with aiming..

anyway, i felt SO MUCH better after that. and i suppose this is one unexpected addition to the bucket list of things that i’ve accomplished in my lifetime LOL.

typical traffic jam in KL

ah farewell Malaysia. i don’t think i’ll miss you too much. i am well-stocked on my pongpiahs to last me for quite awhile (until i start to resemble one).

i hope to go bangkok or hongkong (or BOTH) next year with friends, where the shopping is crazier!


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