rah rah ah ah ah~!

Finally, after 10 whole weeks, i have managed to satisfy my craving for butter cookies.

unfortunately though, last night was butter cookies’ 1st anniversary and a gazilliontrillionwillion people showed up. the dancefloor was equivalent to the sardine can-like quality of zouk’s phuture, except with better music.
haha i’ve never seen so many drunktards in my life before though! they were all sprawled in various awkward drunktard positions outside the toilet, along the corridors, and on the steps downstairs. was fighting the urge to laugh at them- a difficult thing to do when one is high. there was the completely passed-out horizontal lying position, the crouching over and vomiting position, the slumped on someone else’s knees and wailing about terrible ex-bf position, and the occasional out-of-control drunktard who staggers all over the place and advising friends not to drink anymore because They are drunk.
we queued for drinks at fash, and got the cushions to ourselves for the entire time without opening bottle hahaha. got like 20 drinks in total for the 4 of us, and finished it within the hour, crazy! then there were 4 glasses of asahi, and we played the stupid 5-10 game, which i completely sucked at because my reflexes were significantly deteriorated by the alcohol.
the next minute we were playing the truth or dare iphone app. HAHA technology has really made our lives that much more convenient in every aspect.
hahaha stupid game man! generally, when playing truth or dare, i NEVER pick ‘dare’. haha but in that game, nobody was allowed to pick the truth option, which made it all the more interesting 😉 i remember one dare where vei had to skip around the table like he was trying out for the royal ballet academy. and another where he had to lift up his shirt fully for like 2 seconds LOL but i bet nobody caught that. hahaha my dares always seemed to be altered to achieve a particular purpose, like switching seats when the dare read ‘kiss the person to your left‘. LOL
when we finally hit bump, it was engorged with people. i had to fight tooth and nail (and crushing toes along the way) to enter the melee. sadly, they stopped playing all the old songs like beautiful and down ): and we missed bad romance because we went to the toilet hahaha. oh but some shanelle celeb was there. apparently she sang the annoying ‘i fell in love with a dj’ song. i cant remember seeing much of her, except that she had long hair and wasn’t white like i’d expected.
omg tired….although clubbing is really great because in 2 weeks, i’ve managed to lose half the weight i’d put on already! (: what kind of diet lets you lose weight while getting high and having fun at the same time man!
mambo on the 23rd! cant wait! (:

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