an uneventful monday

oh god, my left arm feels awfully sore!!! and all i can think about is the slow and painful process of the Engerix B suspension diffusing out of the site of injection into the surrounding tissues.

the only reason why i’m doing this is because payday was a couple of days ago, and i feel bad for lazing around at home and taking sponsorship money without getting the hep B injection that they tasked me with a month ago.
nearly got lost in bukit merah trying to find a polyclinic. how hard could that be right? when you think about polyclinics, you think about a huge-ass building right in the middle of the heartlands, with people streaming in and out. well, some smart guy designing the town plan of bukit merah decides to place the polyclinic so strategically on the 4th level of an old hawker centre building, with numerous stairwells and lift lobbies leading up to the 4th floor but only 1 magical entrance that leads you to the main entrance of the polyclinic.
i walked up to the fourth floor at least 6 times to get to a door that has a sign plastered ‘PLEASE USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE’ but doesnt tell you where this freaking main entrance is.
i was surprised i wasn’t overheating the thermal scanners by the time i reached the right main entrance.
spent an awfully long time in the polyclinic as well.
first, they made me see the doctor, and he said 3 jabs because my antibody count was less than 10. when i went to see the nurses, they spent a long time debating over the doctor’s decision, and scurried all over to double and triple check it. but i’m grateful because they managed to reduce 3 jabs to just 1 booster.
1 for now at least. my antibodies had better multiply like hamsters in my body over the next 2 months before the review. i really dont want to get 2 more stupid jabs and a sore arm each time.
the needle was thick! ): and it hurt. made the blood test look like chicken feet. really reminded me of all the dreadful vaccinations that i had to go for in primary school. and the horror stories they tell you about them heating the needle with a flame right before it goes into your arm because they want to sterilize it. haha i wonder who came up with that, or whether the story just got passed down from the 19th century. luckily we have alcohol wipes to do the job of sterilization now.
k no excessive left-arm movement for me all week

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