everybody learns from disaster

haha its so hard to believe that this time last week, i was still madly depressed that the exams weren’t over yet. but IT IS. and i’ve been having so much fun all week that it feels like 2 months since the exams have ended already haha.

1 more week in singapore before i zip off to genting and kl for 5 days! and then returning for christmas and new years (: its gonna be really exciting this year! i can feel it!
spent a lazy saturday afternoon watching american pie 7 book of love and jennifer’s body. book of love was pretty standard horny comedy hahah. and unfortunately, its getting more and more predictable- i totally knew the old hooker was going to die when she was giving the guy a blowjob LOL.
and jennifer’s body was more unrated that i thought?! anyway its just an excuse to have a movie with megan fox in it. megan fox kissing boys, megan fox kissing girls, really bao ga liao la. well, but i’m not going to complain because i think shes absolutely hot!
the goofy adam brody from the OC was also in it as the demonic indie band’s lead singer HAHA. no idea how he managed to pull off his character as a murderous satin worshiper, but he did. i’m going to try and download the song he sang, if that was even him singing it.
ok i just wikipediaed jennifer’s body and brody wasn’t the one singing it -_-
i knew he couldn’t have been that awesome
after 2 movies, we watched 3 episodes of HIMYM season 2 and laughed our guts out. hahaha cracks me up all the time although i’ve watched them before.
ok! back to slacking off the rest of the weekend with Friends (:
From small shocks to surgin’ bolts
These are the signals of my spinal post
Sent down the wires through their lines and folds
Into a riot on my frontal lobe

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