a series of unfortunate events

last night failed to live up to 10 weeks worth of anticipation of what was to be the greatest clubbing experience ever, since everything would be heightened after the damn exams were over and wednesdays were once again free for butter cookies.

it was literally a night of unfortunate incidents, all lined up back-to-back like a harold and kumar movie.
1. i couldn’t get the guestlist for butter cookies that night, so we went super early to queue for 45 minutes. finally at 1030, when we had reached the front, the bouncer rejected identification in the form of EZlink cards. at first we thought he was trying to be funny. then he pointed to a stupid sign pasted in some obscure corner on the window about a new policy that only accepts entry with IC/driver’s license.
i know la, who the hell goes clubbing with ezlink cards? but i dont bring my IC because i have a phobia of losing it and having to pay $100 to get a new one. besides, i’ve always managed to get into butter with it. so how they hell could i have known that they were going to change their policy? i mean, they could always decide the next day that,
OK. now we must aim to only admit entry to girls in heels because a new scientific study shows that men tend to buy drinks for girls who wear heels over those who dont. so if you don’t wear heels, you cannot enter our club
and then you don’t turn up in heels because you were being practical about lasting through the wildz night without getting sore feet, then how liddat?
k ignore that whole chunk, i’m just being extremely sore and bitter because i wasted my time queueing. we did try to persuade him to close one eye since we honestly didn’t know but they were really anal about it, so eventually, we had to leave…
lesson learnt: bring the fucking IC no matter what.
2. we cabbed to clarke quay to try out the zirca/rebel/arena stretch. entered rebel, dumped our bags in the $2 lockers, and then realised that we needed to queue at zirca to get the free drinks coupon. SHINGZ….
3. took our bags and left to check out arena. luckily no queue, and luckily the bouncers accept ezlink cards. seriously lor, almost every single club i’ve been to accepts ezlink card, then why the hell must butter be any different? gahhh!!
anyway arena resembled an air-con getai when we first went in. some spg-looking woman was singing a bad rendition of ‘mercy’. the free drinks there are also pre-made, and ALL THE SAME: 98% sprite, 2% vodka. coupled with the bad music, i really felt like puking.
went back to queue by zirca and managed to get 5 drinks coupons each. when we reached the front of the queue i heard the guy telling the bouncer that there were only 15 sets of coupons left. heng sia…at least things were starting to look up. the drinks queue moved quite fast also, unlike butter. and we managed to get lychee martini! yummy (:
zirca and rebel music was not bad too! although they kept playing weird unknown songs in between awesome songs like Bad Romance, Down and What You Got. so we’d go crazy everytime a familiar song starts to play.
omg and there was 2 cages on the dancefloor at zirca! hahaha at first i was just staring in awe and thinking to myself that only the craziest people would be daring enough to get in there. but then the next minute, the two most sober people (cassy and rebecca) were climbing into the cage, and gesturing at us to join them. so i was like what the heck, this would be some kind of experience. its not everyday that you get to dance in a freaking cage right?
before i knew it, the 5 of us were in there and laughing like retards because we all couldn’t believe what we just did. and then we started screaming because the cage floor was vibrating!! fearing that i would lose my balance and fall off, i grabbed the cage bars. it was then that i realised the freaking platform was moving up and down!!! wah lao damn fun leh! like some rollercoaster LOL!

well once the platform stopped moving, we jumped off and resumed to the normal dancefloor again hahaha! i can imagine the day i’d tell my daughter, ‘did you know mummy danced in a cage?’
unfortunately, the cage wouldve been the safest place we’d ever be dancing in that night. which brings me to unfortunate event number 4.
4. the same situation kept repeating itself no matter where we danced at in rebel: we’d pick a nice spacious spot, sometimes it wouldn’t even be in the middle of the dancefloor, and mind our own business. and in a span of 5 minutes, guys would descend like a pack of wolves (but very unlike the shirtless buff wolves in new moon) and start zooming in for the kill. at first we tried to ignore them, but fuck, some are damn aggressive and have absolutely no idea about what personal space is.
in the end, it was like playing some cat and mouse game. dodging all the grindy guys whom we’ve managed to recognize, and scuttling from various other vultures. now my legs are freaking tired. i bet i got more exercise that i ever did in the gym la.
on hindsight, at least we got to check out the zirca/rebel/arena scene- something we said we wanted to try this december. although butter still triumphs, despite their ridiculous rules. hope i get to go back again soon! 😀


hahah whats camwhoring without the kaye’s HUAT AH! pose and suelynn’s prudish ‘EWWW!!‘ pose.

anyhow, i watched the much awaited New Moon today!! ❤

abit disappointing because it was as boring as the book. and i was pretty tired from the night before so i almost fell asleep during the insanely long dialogue scenes. it was so funny though. you can actually feel the overwhelming aura of sexual tension among the females in the Grand Cathay cinema. when jacob stripped off his shirt to reveal the godlike definition of abs and rippling back muscles, giggles started to erupt all throughout the cinema hahaha!
taylor lautner Pictures, Images and Photos
abit frightening for a 16 year old to have a body like that though. but who doesn’t dream of abs right? hahaha!

well of course, rob pattinson never fails to make the most charming entrance ❤
he is the epitome of charm: abstract to men and longed for by women.
Robert Pattinson Pictures, Images and Photos

ahh shall find the time to re-read the entire twilight series again this holidays! once i’m done with Twenties Girl, Five Greatest Warriors, Friends season 1-8, and the million movies i downloaded and didn’t get to watch.
ok i guess i wont have time then ):

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