whats love got to do with this?

just painted my nails with OPI’s ‘Kinky in Helsinki’ and watched Paper Heart (: and i’m grinning to myself like a crazy idiot because tomorrow is officially the last day of the year that i will be studying my guts out! 😀

Paper Heart is an unexpectedly enjoyable movie-documentary about the search for love. unfortunately, i was being shallow for the most part and thinking that the only reason why the main character can’t find love is, well, because shes fugly. and that if shes so unattractive already, she shouldn’t be choosy and say that she doesn’t know what love is.
hahaha ya i have every excuse to be mean- i’m pmsing and dosage form design really pissed me off today.
anyway along comes michael cera, who shows up at a random party she goes to, and hits on her. at that point i was like ‘WHAT???!!!‘ already hahaha but luckily i checked: the stupid movie is fictional -_- nonetheless, it goes to show that cera is a fantastic actor because he managed to make it look very convincing.
there are also interviews with old married couples who talk about their perception about love, and how they knew that person was ‘the one‘. i guess i’ve always been pretty cynical about stuff like that because given the circumstances that the legally and socially acceptable age to marry is set at a certain minimum age, the supposed meeting of ‘the one’ can only happen within a narrow time frame. furthermore, you can only meet your future spouse from the limited pool of contacts you already have. so everything can either be attributed to lucky coincidences, or forced logical progression. by the latter, i mean the scenario where two people get together and because they are both of the ripe marrying age, they get married because it is the logical thing to do at the period of time in their life.
ok yea but its a good show to watch! because the anecdotes are meaningful and inspirational. and if those interviews with married couples are not fictional, then it shows that true love exists and that marriages can magically last a lifetime! (:
1 more day of shoving the chapter ‘suppositories‘ up my ass, giving it a good ‘mixing‘, and applying ‘ointments‘ to sooth the rectal abrasions i might sustain in the process.

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