the final stretch

another paper down! (:

stats was unexpectedly do-able. haha i won’t dare to say ‘easy’ so liberally because i might get a shitty grade for it and have to eat my words. although it would be logical to say that since a paper is easy, therefore it would be highly possible that the entire class would get A. thus, a true A would only be achieved with imba near-perfect scores, which wouldn’t be me for sure.
anyway i swear there was a typo in one of the questions. usually i wait for someone else to point or the error, or not even notice it at all haha. but Eli walked past my table and i had freaking alot of time to spare, so i spent close to 5 minutes trying to convince him that there was a typo. but he wasn’t convinced ):
damn, there goes my chance to be the first to spot an error LOL.
after the exam, gen picked me up and we went to old airport road to eat! was completely famished by then and we gobbled up nice teochew porridge, with fish, egg omelette and tau-gay. and TANG YUANNN ❤

i tell you, i’m so stressed i’ve been having the strangest dreams! last night i dreamt leighton meester was supposed to come to my void deck for some publicity event and i was trying to find her so that i could take a picture with her.
then another night i dreamt i was a prominent minister’s love child. dont ask, seriously, i’m too embarrassed to say.

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