a breather, finally

3 down!! although the past few days were such a blur because there was very little time in between all the papers. anyway, it didn’t feel like much offloading after the SP and GEK papers, probably because i didn’t study as hard for it as my core modules haha. but screw it, ITS OVER.

the GEK paper today was hilarious. i was literally taking my own sweet time to do the exam because there was probably like 1 hour’s worth of questions in there to spread over 2 glorious hours. i think i spent more time trying to think of a sentence structure that would cleverly cram 5 sentences worth of information to fit into the sentence limit of 3. ya, wth right, the lecturers are so lazy that they limit the amount you write so that they can mark less.
and then before the exam, suelynn and i already planned to leave early to avoid the horrid after-exams bus crowds. so the plan was, once i finished, i will walk past her table and that would be her signal to leave as well.
right before the 1 hour 45 minute mark (after that you can’t leave the room), i finished checking my answers and got up to leave. i strolled along the aisle, past suelynn, with an extremely generous pace, in case she missed me because my legs are so long and i walk so fast LOL. in addition to that, i dramatically clicked my calculator cover shut right next to her table for extra effects hahaha. then i went outside, and waited.
5 minutes went by and no suelynn came through the doors.
and i realised, that our fantastic plan had failed either because
1. suelynn didn’t feel my lingering presence at all ):
2. suelynn didn’t recognise me in my red jacket and unglam clipped up fringe.
3. suelynn was completely immersed in doing the paper diligently and needed more time- which is the most unlikely senario out of the lot.
turns out it was number 2 haha! i guess next time i’ll have to take off my jacket and wave it around striptease-style while walking down the aisle. that is, if i ever get the chance to leave an exam early again.
after GEK it felt like exams were over already lol! pharm stats is on thurs evening and i’ve the whole of wed and thurs to study for it anyway. so i went out to enjoyyy (: watched the informant! and got a migraine because i didn’t get the movie. i never get movies with fantastic reviews :/ well, but anything beats studying these days, i tell you.
IF ONLY THERE WAS NEW MOOOOONNNN SNEAKS NOW NOW NOW. then again, i wouldve gone into edward-cullen withdrawal symptoms for the next couple of days and not be able to study haha!
ok time to kick into stats yo! btw, i am 9 weeks SOBER 😀 can’t bloody wait to be done with exams and resume my sinful addiction.

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