knock you down


STUDY CAMP sem 2 2009

1000 hrs:
expected arrival at gen’s. but i am at home packing my bag because i woke up late. gen also calls me and groggily tells me that she just woke up.

1030 – 1300 hrs:
finally arrive at gen’s. spend much of the time doing everything else but studying.

she shows me the gorgeous $190 FCUK dress she bought.
i try it on and admire myself in the mirror,
she tries it on and admires herself in the mirror.

nat comes in at regular intervals to talk nonsense with us.

we camwhore with shades and an enormous feather pen i found lying around on her messy desk.

1300 hrs:

haha braved the torrential rains to get lunch for ourselves and nat from junction 8.
2 yakitori chicken sticks
1 prima deli chicken pie
1 mushroom cheese bun

so much for a freaking diet…

1430 – 1900 hrs:
hardcoreeeeeee muggingz!! with regular interruptions by nat’s korean banter (with herself) and loud gassy burps from all the way in the living room.

1900 hrs:
DINNER TIME! at mos burger. wah i love the fries and the milk tea!! (:

2000 – 2100 hrs:
chionged the last part of my atomic spectroscopy INTRO notes. and that was all my poor brain could take. thus, this ends year 2 sem 2’s study camp.

omg, why does this have to take ages to be over?


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