shit hot

instead of cooping myself at home and succumbing to the temptation of the refrigerator and mindless daydreams, i studied in town for the past two days!

i must say, it has been surprisingly productive. well, of course, it would never be as productive as sitting my ass down in the study room and going at it from 10am to 10pm non-stop. but i’ve lost much of the insane willpower i used to have for mugging, hence the adjustment this semester.

on tues, i was freezing at marina square starbucks for 6 hours with suelynn. was seriously tempted to buy a winter jacket from mango just to deal with the arctic temperatures. hahaha i was on my own half the time though, because suelynn wandered off elsewhere. so that made the mugging a little more productive haha! i even managed to escape the lure of miss selfridge and topshop, calling out to me from less than 5 metres away!

however, i got pretty distracted by the number of lesbian couples that were walking past. i’ve seriously never seen so many of them in my life in a single sitting! (except in sec school of course) suelynn and i were seriously worried that we’d stumbled into some lesbian congregation zone or something hahaha.

and today i hardcore-studied UV spectroscopy at paragon coffee bean. haha although the aircon was set to a more conducive temperature to study in, it was hell noisy: coffee blenders, crying toddlers, gossipy taitais, etc. luckily, i’ve gotten the hang of blocking out all the noise and just focusing on them B bands, K bands and R bands yo! haha and not to forget, the company of a fantastic study buddy, despite the fact that he didn’t even need to be mugging at this time of the year.

tml will be the traditional OMG-ITS-EXAMS-AGAIN study camp at gen’s, the one we have every semester, and probably one of the rare moments that she is focused on school.

eye on the prize:
in 2 weeks, i will be PARTYINGGGGG!!


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