blood suckers

vampire diaries Pictures, Images and Photos

hahaha Vampire Diaries is such a Twilight rip-off, with witches instead of werewolves, and more meddlesome humans whom they should really kill off because they are bloody annoying. har har! pun intended.

the only reason i’m watching it is because of Ian Somerhalder!

he played Boone in Lost, and then he died after the first season ): i seem to have some unfortunate affinity for hot actors and them dying off not long after. anyway, he’s finally back in the scene, as the hot vampire brother who always annoys the pseudo-Edward character by sneaking up on all his human friends and drinking their blood.

and Somerhalder is one of the few actors who really know how to emote using facial expressions. Chuck’s perpetual squinting to channel ‘sexy’ was so yesterday yo!

hahah pseudo-Edward, on the other hand, is only sexy when he takes his shirt off. other than that, he’s as stiff as a vampire in a coffin. like Edward, he feeds on animal blood to sustain himself but at least Edward has the energy to be charming.

go watch! putting aside all the vampire-twilight cliches, its sexier than gossip girl, with an awesome soundtrack, and of course, Ian Somerhalder! (:


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