all the right moves

i’m going to make an effort not to complain about exams and just get it over and done with. in 3 weeks, i will be living the life that is the stuff of (my current) dreams!

well yesterday i was studying fluid mixing at home, when my brat of a brother decided to watch Paranormal Activity. and although i don’t watch horror shit like that, because i am easily spooked, i couldn’t help it but to keep turning over to watch bits of the movie. i mean, it has to be the freakiest movie of the year for a reason right. ya well, i found out that reason the hard way.

after that, i had so much trouble trying to convince myself to put all thoughts of the movie scenes out of my head the whole night. it didn’t even help that it was 2am of friday the 13th when i went to sleep. i even tried to recall the exact contents of fluid mixing notes from page 1 onwards until i was mentally exhausted enough to sleep.

i was so scared to get up to pee at 5 am also, because it was still dark, that i put it off until i really couldn’t take it.

omg i’m not even going to do a review of the movie because i know i won’t be able to stop thinking about it, and then i’m going to have another sleepless night.

haha well but today i decided to be smarter and studied outside. and indeed, there were much less distractions: i wasn’t mousehunting every 15 minutes, or thinking of new things to tweet, or telling my brother to get a life, or eating provence wassants, or checking out the ‘new arrivals’ section of Forever 21. in 5 hours, i managed to finish 3 sets of GEK notes. niceeee!

it got pretty unbearable at the end because a bunch of 16 year old girls plopped themselves in the next table and started talking, actually no, it was more like screeching, about how skinny or muscular each other’s brother’s were, not posting embarrassing comments or photos of each other on facebook, and more boys who weren’t related to any of them. lol i know kaye is going to want to associate me with them, but i seriously do not check my friends’ brothers out on facebook hahaha!

so i gave up and enjoyed the rest of the friday night roaming around town like there weren’t stupid exams to be worried about. best day all week, i’d say! (:


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