hey sexy!

we were all bloody kee siao today after dosage form CA, because there was a 4 hour break and it wouldn’t be justified to slack off since exams are so near. so we camped outside LT 24 and read notes. well most of us at least- suelynn was reading emma, and nope, its not for a lit module.

and in the spirit of kee siaoness, here goes!!

When he takes out his SLR, I say ‘hey SExY’
When he tell me turn around, I say ‘hey SExY’
When i’m swimming in the sea
Or we catching them fishes
Don’t care if people see
I say, ‘hey SExY’

Silly girls,
They always break my heart.
Silly girls,
I want but i can’t touch.
Silly girls,
I don’t need you anymore
Silly girls,
Its not because i’m SORE!

Cause we’re too sexy in the zouk
Too sexy in the zouk
So sexy they pukeeeeee

If you, feel sexy in the zouk
My speakers here are good
Come on down, mi-so lonely

helps if you sing along to this LOL


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