mmm watcha say?

WILDZ man. its a completely different scene at this place. i think the worst thing that anyone can do to me is to blindfold me and leave me in SOHO for someone to find me. i swear i’ll never be the same after that.

and the standard of spoken english is APPALLING. there are at least 10 Ris Lows in the same video!

‘today is SARADAY?’
‘its the only ladies night on SARADAY?’

hahaha does she always have to insert the upward inflexion at the end of her SARADAYs???
but i guess its probably because she’s unsure about how to pronounce it properly.

oh and check out this doosh at the 47th second, who is patting his both hands on some girl’s butt like they’re samba drums.


and then comes the couple of Ris Lows and their opinions about the relation between a guy dancing well and being good in bed.

‘he may be shy on the bedroom’

honestly, anyone would. because your neighbours would think you are crazy for climbing up there in the first place!

‘because he can shake his S well!’

hahah i know she meant ‘ass‘ but really, i dont comprehend how ass-shaking has anything to do with a man’s virility. the girl has a very strange concept about copulation indeed.


hahah!!! and omg look at these two girls go. the one in white simply looks like someone spiked her beer with laxatives, and is having massive waves of peristalsis. hello friend, toilet is the other way.

moral of the story: dont go to Fresh on SARADAYS?

heh heh and i was watching the music video for Watcha Say when it felt like mugging was seriously centrifuging the contents of my brain.

jason derulo looks like he really needs to pee and his girlfriend is hogging the toilet to get back at him for staring at some other chick. LOL


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