boycott love

ok i have been shopping a little too compulsively the past few weeks, ever since i found out about the magnitude of wealth that would slide itself into my bank account monthly for the next 2 and a half years.

but well an alternative hypothesis would be that, when one gets stressed from mugging for finals, de-stressing would be an absolutely necessary process to restore the equilibrium of a stable mental state.

while some destress by exercising (damn them, because they get hot when they are stressed), and others destress by studying even harder, i shop. Alot. its almost like i’m never going to leave the house for a whole month and i’m stocking up on my supplies for the mugger’s hibernation.

a wise cassy once said, ‘your wardrobe is big enough to clothe half of Africa!’

in my defence, i did my part for charity today and bought a pencil case for the YEP Cambodia project that the pharm people were going for in dec. haha so one lucky child is going to benefit from my contribution, become motivated to overcome all odds and study hard with the cute pencil case, and become the next Cambodian minister of finance.

ok back to the topic of shopping, this Wing Tai F3 membership is damn evil! they sent an email to remind me to go redeem my ‘exclusive Christmas shopping pack’. well, it was a nice golden envelope containing 20% discount vouchers for Topshop, Topman, Ben Sherman, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and Warehouse. wah lao, i think its more like its Wing Tai’s Boss’s Christmas present- all the increased voucher-catalysed revenue from crazy shoppaholics like me.

(btw i’m giving away the Ben Sherman voucher, so let me know if you want it)

lol but despite the expression of cynicism, i bought a lovely satin skirt at $63 (from $79), that i can probably only wear for clubbing in december :/ but who carezzz!! haha suelynn also used the warehouse voucher to buy a very sexy eyebrow-wiggling lacey top for $44 only. heh heh!

and then there was the bright & colourful Sephora, with all things nice and pretty, and MAC! we spent ages in there vandalizing our hands with eyeliner and lipgloss testers, until i finally decided that i ‘needed’ a new vial of lipglass in a boomzier shade of RAD. again, will come in more handy in december when i’m finally liberated from my books.

so yes, it almost seems like i’m accumulating this whole stockpile of things that can only be enjoyed in december. i have no idea why i’m so illogical sometimes. but well, whatever makes me happy right?

anyway i realised that i really do hang out with a strange bunch of people in school. hahah here’s the problem: thanks to a screwed up timetable this semester, suelynn and i hardly ever have common breaks with kaye and cassy. as such, the only time we get to talk/gossip is in lecture. and all the talking has to be done in low hushed whispering, or suffer the wrath of our dear diligent classmates.

such an inconvenient situation leads to the occurrence of several scenarios:

1. suelynn trying really hard to keep her voice down. but somehow, her vocal chords make it extremely difficult to achieve a voice level that is at an intermediate between silence, and a normal talking voice. thus, her ‘whisperings’ (and there are alot of it) can actually be picked up all the way from 2 rows in front and behind.

yet when she lowers it a pitch down, her voice becomes like a careless whisper. and you’ve got to be be really good at lip-reading if you want to listen to her stories. but generally they tend to be quite anti-climax, so all of us kind of gave up putting in the effort to decipher suelynn’s whispers.

2. cassy’s voice is naturally high. and kaye’s hearing capabilities can only comprehend a narrow range of normal to low voices. hence, when cassy speaks, kaye does not understand. and i, bring their official translator, will have to convert cassy’s high-pitched comments into a baritone for kaye.

3. cassy’s hearing is also like a broken telephone. it replaces words and feeds the altered input back to cassy’s brain, which then effects her response to clarify the statement that she heard, often which bears no resemblance to the original input.

during pharm stats lecture today, we had to rank a bunch of numbers for some non-parametric test.
out of frustration, i commented, ‘wah, i really hate ranking’

then cassy went into a fit of giggles, because she thought she had heard me say
‘wah i hear wanking’



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