my mind goes on a trip

damn! yousa sexy biatch~!

gahhhhh i want to go!!! hahah but i couldnt even if i wanted to. was feeling weird and dizzy the entire afternoon from the blood test earlier.

nvm, gonna plug into my clubber playlist on my ipod now!

anyway, after the murderous dosage form prac test, i went down to SGH for the pre-scholarship medical checkup. all that i had to do was to get a blood test to test for a 101 things in order to get cleared to be a viable and healthy future healthcare professional. that basically means not having any weird conditions that would scare patients away la.

and honestly, they shouldn’t make blood-phobia people like me wait so long for my turn to get poked, because in that span of time, my imagination takes an entire trip on foot around the great wall of china. but i guess in the worse case senario, if i did lose my conscious midway through a stupid blood test, i could wake up and say that i was having a flash forward, while looking really smug about it at the same time because i was the chosen one neh neh ni poo poo!

only in the utmost worst case scenario, really.

well at least, i was somewhat reassured, because everyone who seemed to be coming out of the foreboding rooms had little plasters around their fingers only. and from my experience, a finger prick meant less pain and definitely less blood too.

when my turn came. i walked in bravely and sat down. the nurse read my form and then told me to rest my arm on the deceivingly-reassuring-cushioned arm rest. and then she proceeded to occlude the brachial vein (forgive me if i am anatomically wrong) and swipe the alcohol wipe across my arm. in my head i was already like ‘wtf….confirm not finger prick already la’

i dont really know what happened next because i looked away and tried to concentrate really hard on something in the far distance. haha but it wasn’t painful at all, compared to the blood donation needle. aiyo, but when she was done within a minute, i turned back and saw her labelling like two 10cm long tubes worth of my dark deoxygenated blood. MY BLOOD!

i tried not to process that yet, and fled the room hurriedly once she gave me the ok. the flash forward excuse isn’t really a convincing one, if you think about it. hahaha yea and then i was feeling all weird the whole afternoon because i kept thinking about the amount of blood i lost, coupled with time-of-the-month. miraculously, i managed to drag myself through the topic of atomic spectrometry haha.

ah well. its gonna be the weekend soon! and my mum might wanna plan a trip to genting this december! FINALLY, a chance to get out of sad little singapore.


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