unbelievable. i actually made something that was edible. albeit hard, and a little burnt, but EDIBLE 😀

heh heh it was suelynn’s recipe for a foccacia ham sandwich. she seriously helped me out at giant, though laughing at me constantly and reminding me every 5 seconds with the rhetorical question
what would you do without me?

(actually i would go to holland v and buy waissants from provenance)

but anyway, i went home and took an hour to wrestle with all the ingredients, locate all the utensils- oh here comes the funny part. midway through suelynn’s cooking-for-dummies tutorial, she asked whether i knew which knife i was supposed to use to cut the bread. well, i honestly didn’t realise that it would matter. but she told me to use a bread knife, with a serrated blade.

wah but i looked high and low also cannot find- obviously my family doesn’t eat alot of hugeass bread that need serrating. i tried to use a normal meat knife. but piang eh, saw and saw also cannot penetrate the crust. so while searching the drawers, i finally found a knife with serrated edges: THE PLASTIC BIRTHDAY CAKE KNIFE HAHAHA

eh, it worked ok. that’s what you’d call awesome improvisation.

and then after contemplating for very long, i finally settled on the ideal size of the sandwich. then proceeded to stuff the apple ham, cheese, and butter lettuce in. hahah and then i toasted it. the idea was suelynn’s of course, but later she went on to say ‘no no, actually for you, i dont think you should try.’ so i tried it to prove her wrong. HAHA

turned out pretty good ok! apart from burning bits of the crust while trying to optimize the toasting time.

haha anw the verdict was a 3/3 nod of approval! (:
of course that didn’t include suelynn. otherwise sure fail.

well anyway, the foccacia sandwiches were for the impromtu picnic at marina barrage. along with meiji yoghurt, red wine and sushi (not i make one, duh)!

surprisingly though, it was so empty, i guess because the hype had already died. the view is amazing though. now i dont understand why people pay $30 to go onto the flyer, when you can enjoy free scenery for as long as you want at the barrage.


the weather was awesome as well! at first it was going to rain, but miraculously, it held out throughout the entire time.

pictures were all backgroundless though, because my lousy 4.5 megapixels camera can’t capture shit at night. for once in my life, i wish i was a poseur with an expensive $1K SLR accessory slung around my neck. oh well, shall go back again in the day to take nicer pictures!

well but basically there’s nothing much to do at the barrage except taking in the singapore skyline (and rude interruptions of construction in between), and camwhore with construction barricades as make-shift tripods hahah! nonetheless, it was fun though!

ooh yes! and SGH finally mailed me the letter of offer for my scholarship. despite all the troublesome things i have to go do in the next 2 weeks, (such as the medical checkup where i expect there’ll be some needle-poking for blood samples to test for hepBhepCHIVmumpsmeasulesrubella, and going down on the day before pharm analysis finals to sign the bond officially) part of the letter read that they were going to start paying me from Oct 4 this year! which means i was already getting scholar allowance without even realizing it hahah.

amazinggg! (:
now to fulfill the list of all the people i have to give treats to…
and let me go look at the lipsy sale stuff again. heh heh heh

ok back to mugging ‘suspensions’ on a stormy saturday evening ):

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