the weighing scale and i are no longer friends. i refuse to take another look at it for at least a month because it has continually damaged my self esteem with meaningless digits. in the meantime, i am going to make it out on my own. until finally one day, i will return, only to step all over it and rub it in its face that i’ve become hotter.

so, i’ve started a no-snacking diet, which has proven to be quite lame, because it just means no late-night/afternoon/any time of the day that is not meal time snacking. but i think it has been the ultimate cause for my substantial weight gain since the holidays ended ):

and whenever gen is free, we go running! hahaha stand chart is in nov, and she really needs alot more sessions to move from 2.4km to 21km LOL.


i had clubbing beatz motivate me to finish 2.4km. though i got quite annoyed halfway because American Boy played and the beat was so slow!! but i couldnt find the energy to change track. so i stuck with the retarded song and got so distracted by the incompatibility with my running speed. haha luckily i only had abit left to go.

i aim to achieve my JC fitness eventually. haha but running on a treadmill somehow makes it more tiring to hit the A standard. either that or i have really gotten super unfit.

haha but, last night i had mushroom cheese prata and udders ice-cream LOL

but prata and ice-cream is always worth it hahaha.
ok but most importantly, eye on the prize!
48 by November!!

k now gonna watch gossip girls to get inspiration for new outfits!


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