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woahh my tummy feels like it’s going to burst. 13 xiao long baos is the new record, which pales in comparison to suelynn, who finished like 19 zomg. well but i had too many of the yummy chives dumplings in the steamboat, and my epiglottis really felt like it was straining to keep all the food from coming right back up in the form of projectile vomit. so i simply couldn’t eat anymore.

it was so bad that we were struggling so hard to keep it all in when we laughed, and because the sight of it was so hilarious, we’d laugh even harder. i swear i was this close to throwing up lol!

anyway, dont order the spicy szechuan soup. its SUPERR spicy, considering that i already have a relatively high tolerance for spicy food. really borders on the line of being acidic and corrosive urgh.

lol!! and there were also so many pieces of food flying all over the place! i guess when you are so full and really trying to focus all your energy on not puking, all other motor skills fail you. suelynn dropped a xiao long bao on her lap and the entire filling from my chives dumpling flew out of my plate onto the floor. by the end of the night, we also discovered that suelynn had been sitting on a piece of mushroom the whole time LOL!!! i seriously have no idea how it got there. the only thing that comes to mind is that she has a very inefficient digestive system.

wah nonetheless, it was yummy. now i need to stop eating excessively for a long time because its really starting to show up in all the wrong places.


haha can totally picture suelynn’s greedy thoughts:
“goodbye xiao long bao, say hello to my digestive system!”


the two jokers who kept trying to blow steam at my face


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