to prove a point

was falling into a pleasant deep sleep in pharmacostats lecture, because i was extremely tired and gave up deciphering a horrid taiwan accent that repeats the word ‘rundin’ (rounding) over and over again.

well i tried concentrating before, by diverting my energy to facebooking skanky pictures of girls getting their cleavage regions licked by other girls at Fresh. seriously though, i have no idea why some girls are so stupid to degrade themselves to the point that they feel that the only way they’ll be deemed attractive, is to be lesbian and slutty. are women really so stupid, and men really so shallow?
how is the logic of ‘WAHHH SHE’S TOTALLY GETTING IT ON WITH ANOTHER CHICK’ equate to the fact that shes desirable? i dont think any girl would be attracted to a guy who goes down on another guy for a body shot!?
but i guess there could also be an assumption that if a girl is willing to explore her lesbian tendencies, then she must be a very sexual person, which also means that shes desirable. aiyoo still, i feel so scandalised when i look at pictures of these girls. and its not like they’re not attractive on their own, why do they still need shit like that to prove the point?
ok yes then my laptop battery died. so explains why my attention span started to dip quite rapidly after. and for some strange reason, i dreamt i was rockclimbing, which felt damn awesome because i am absolutely lousy at it in real life. but just as i was going to step up on the first rock, i heard the nokia camera snapshot really distinctly in my ear.
gah, knew it was cheeky suelynn trying to take revenge for the unglam sleeping shots i took of her last sem.

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