it gets better


hahaha ok i am officially sick of drinking vodka cranberry, vodka ribena, vodka lime, vodka orange. if someone wanted me to puke, all they’d have to do was give me any of those. already the thought of it makes me want to hurl.
anw last night was super fun! great way to put the partying days behind and start mugging for real. oh well, but that’s what i always say lol!
i tried the Lamborghini for the first time yesterday too! looks damn scary because there is the possibility that you might swallow the flames and get burnt, but all you have to do is just suck at the bottom really fast without stopping to taste it. and then when they pour the blue baileys-tasting liquid inside, its actually pretty pleasant-tasting already.
haha miraculously managed to stay half sober despite that, plus half a jaggerbomb and wine. (yea super odd, who the hell orders wine in a club haha) no hangover either! success!
ok time to go mug pharm analysis even though mouse hunt seems more enticing ):

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