it can only get better

oof. aching in every single muscle of my body from yesterdays gymming.

the plan was really to just run 1.6km like a noob primary school kid taking pft for the first time. then once you’re on the treadmill, it seems like such a waste to get off. plus the gym was playing all these awesome clubbing songs which have good beats to run to. haha so from 1.6km it became 2km. ok by then i was like PLEASE END MY MISERY. then a small voice in my head reminded me that you only really burn calories after 15mins of doing any physical activity.
so after 15 mins, it was 2.3 something km but i cannot tahan anymore hahaha so i slowed the monster treadmill down.
(omg im watching singapore idol now and there’s this idiot copying kris allen and deciding to turn Flo Rida’s Low into some acoustic version but FAILLLLL LOL)
afterwards we went to do some random weights. like the supposedly thigh-firming ones lol. and then went to sat on the yoga ball and lift some silly small dumb bells to get rid of them chicken wing arms. hahaha somehow i cant seem to take myself seriously when i see my reflection in the mirror lifting tiny metal weights.
and right now i’m going to butter for the long-awaited recess week partying. but i doubt i’d be able to move much at all unless alcohol is running through my blood vessels.
ooh and i also went to porcelain face spa today to get a classic mani/pedi! wahhh super shiok ok. now my nails are painted RED! BOOMS! while my toenails are a sexy shade of dark maroon. the manicurist’s hands were soooo soft and so fragile, i felt so bad that she was using them to touch the soles of my feet. haha and zomg, her nails had like little pieces of 3D nail art fruit on it! i spotted kiwi fruit and a slice of grape fruit! so frightening lol!
when i become richer i shall go for more frequent mani/pedis! then i will have smooth hands and soles (: but first, need to buy nail buffer and callus scraper to DIY for now.
byebye party time! heh heh rocks to be on guestlist (:

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