mind fucked

omg today i was practically running all over the place! barely having 6 hours of sleep last night, i’m quite surprised i’m still quite hyper after today. i guess i’ve finally gotten rid of my holiday jet-lag and have become accustomed to the insanely early hours of school now yay!

first there was 3 hours of school. haha ya SP tutorial was so brief, i didnt even need to pretend i wasn’t facebooking for very long lol. then suelynn and i rushed to vivocity and watched the ugly truth.

i loved it because i think katherine heigl is awesome! basically the movie teaches you how not to get mind fucked by boys. very inspirational actually, although at the end (SpOiLeR aLeRt!) theres the cliche that although you can become a whole different person to prevent yourself from being mind fucked, and mind fucking the other person in return, but then thats not true love because its pretentious. ya its so contradicting that its totally mind fucking me now hahaha!

dont like gerard butler because hes abit tubby, although he makes up for it by being super tall! tall is sexy :D. haha and i dont get how katherine heigl’s character could ever be worried that she would be left on the shelf in the first place because she is so hot anyway. thus, another moral of the story is that in order to mind fuck someone else, you’d have to be hot first. which, when you think about it, makes all the mind fucking techniques not very useful.

anyway after the movie i flew to junction 8 popular to get brown paper, sped home to wrap the dress, and then brisked walked all the way to the post office at my house to mail out suelynn’s parcel. wah miraculously, i made it there 5 minutes before the post office closed!

and then i rushed home again to bathe. changed outfits twice because i realised the f21 dress i bought looks like a beach towel on me. wah after that i trained down to city hall to meet gen. zomg seems like i’ve been running on adrenaline for the past 14 hours…

plus melinda asked me to go butter tonight because she had the VIP deal. but argh i think my brain would have dissolved, just like my contacts, if i had pushed it for another 5 hours of crazy partying.

ohhh i’m glad recess week is finally here! desperately need to clear my sleep debt and get back the double eye lids on my right eye.

lol btw i finally succumbed to my voyeuristic tendencies and got twitter. at least its abit less annoying than status updating on facebook because you’d have to be seriously bothered to follow a person on twitter. so if you are like super damn interested in reading my tweets, then you will add me right? as for facebook, there are certain people who like to spam your home page with status updates and sometimes, i just want to tell them that i honestly dont give a shit if you are eating a lollipop or mugging next semester’s syllabus.

there, justified haha. its quite fun actually, except that you start to think of random but interesting things to tweet all the time lol.



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