mi-so sexy!


hahaha i chionged down to the IT fair after school, after ironing a pile of disgusting crumpled clothes at home first, and met melinda who was so sweet to accompany me despite the frightening crowds (:

after shoving past a thousand other people (bloody hell, i forgot it was the school holidays grr), i finally found epicentre! and i got there only to find out that all the ipod touch 8GB now cost only $288. BUT they are ALL are sold out ))))):

i stared at the salesperson incredulously and said, “you mean, it sold out like, today??”
wah piang only first day leh! and its not even at night yet!

my heart smashed into a million tiny pieces and i was going to go cuckoo already because i’ve been waiting how bloody long to get it la. anyway luckily the salesperson said that he still had 16GB touch, which only costs $388 now (U.P. $498). so since $388 was the amount i had initially budgeted before they slashed the price of the 8GB, i just decided to buy the 16GB 😀

i bought another set for my spoilt brat of a brother, who’s getting it as a birthday present, completely FREE OF CHARGE, while i slog my life away for the past 3 weeks giving tuition just to buy my own. but i guess its more sentimental that way.

while waiting for suelynn to decide whether she wanted the 16GB one, melinda and i walked around the other floors and laughed at pretty girls who being exploited to wear slutty costumes and fugly gladiator sandals, because there seems to be the assumption that if a person (particularly of the male species) sees such hot sluttily-dressed girls giving out flyers, they are more inclined to buy the product.

on the other hand, i dont think i would have been more tempted to buy an ipod touch if hot shirtless boys were strutting around half nekkid and giving me flyers. also not they pay for me right?

anyhow, when i came back half an hour later to get a set for suelynn, ALL SOLD OUT ALREADY ZOMGXZ! so i went to another apple retailer and bought her an 8GB one, which was also a pretty good deal because its $317. they didn’t even have 16GB touchies anymore because the girl told me they stopped production already. crazy la, i think if i had waited until sunday to go, i can seriously forget about owning an ipod touch for a long time to come.

haha i’ve renamed my touchie to ‘mi-so sexy’. so if you fondle with it, it will be like ‘touch mi-so sexy!‘ LOLL!

plenty to do now that i’m finally the proud owner of an ipod touch. need to find out how to put in videos, download apps and jail break it to download awesome apps haha. busy busy!

ok goodbye! gotta play with mi-so sexy now! LOL


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