when the wind blows

wah i tell you, i’m so thankful because from now on, i wont have to be the one who has to crack my head to think of where to go eat for class dinners already. this time around, shaun the foodie decided to take us to the peranakan buffet at Straits Chinese restaurant, which is somewhere along middle road.

we paid about $26 each only for alot alot alot of awesome peranakan food!! otah otah, nonya chap chye, babi pongteh (damn fatty, but damn shiok), kueh pie ti, pulut hitam, and some durian paste thingy that tasted like sweet heaven.

haha although the turn-out for a class outing was pathetic, we still had lots of fun catching up. awww now i really miss acjc- all the hilarious incidents in class and countless breaks with the best company (:

hopefully next saturday’s outing works out before melly goes back to ukland!


damn amazing right! i actually managed to merge two photos on Picasa hahah, except shaun’s hands are wrist-less and kenny seems to have some sort of pigmentation problem on his jaw LOL

hahaha kenny the laser-eyed cyclops

omg so full!


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