fastforward please

i met melinda for brunch at swensens after school today! the lure of delicious scrambled eggs and creamy mushroom was consuming me for the whole of last week. yum yum! but i’m never eating banana pancakes again. i always tell myself i won’t eat it again but i end up ordering the same thing and regretting it. also, somehow, swensens breakfast always has a laxative effect on me ):

and in the spur of the moment, we decided to go over to army open house afterwards! haha because melinda wanted to visit her friend, and so aiyar since i have people to visit as well, so just go la!

zomg but it took like one whole hour just to get into the ulu camp. when we finally alighted, we kinda realised that the female to male ratio was seriously 1 : infinity. and no, that did not excite us. rather, i realised that army has turned many innocent boys into blatant lechers. if i had managed to harvest the energy of all the blatant eyeballing stares from today, i think i can power singapore on stare-power for a whole decade.

we went to hang out with a very very bored jeremy, who’s job really rhymes with the word ‘cupid’. haha and then we went to visit melinda’s friend, weng woh at the tank ride place. almost got convinced to take the ride but wrath was just around the corner to remind us that it might not be so safe to do so hahaha.

and then halfway while talking to him, and dodging all the lecherous stares from any member of the male species wearing green, some bigshot army fellow came up and asked us if we wanted a helicopter ride. LOL i imagine its like every army boy’s dream to take the super puma. and the both of us just happened to be standing around, doing absolutely nothing, to be offered the chance of a lifetime.

apparently its the prize of some lucky draw. but as you can tell, they were a little short of participants. hahaha so it was pretty much our lucky day when we got picked.

all i can say is, that’s one think i can strike of my list of life’s to-dos. i never even imagined i would ride on a helicopter EVER. haha it is definitely the most exhilarating thing ever. we were barely dressed well to get on- no lifejackets, nothing. just safety belts and whatever i had tediously picked out of my cupboard to wear to school today. i can’t believe i wore my flimsy F21 sandals on a helicopter lol!

in the super puma, we were seated facing outwards to the windows. and the amazing thing is that, although the helicopter was tilting at frighteningly steep gradient sometimes, we were somehow able to evade the effects of gravity and not slide off our seats and out through the open door. the seatbelt was like the normal airplane kinds, and it was as if it was merely there to reassure us. all i felt were the annoying changes in intracranial pressure (i have a headache now) and all the butterflies in my tummy because i absolutely HATE turbulence.

unfortunately, we were being law-abiding citizens and didnt bring in melinda’s camera into the heli, because they said so in the briefing. but then once we were in the air, the other (typical) singaporeans swiftly slid out their cameras from their massive pockets and starting snapping away inside. so much for national security bleh.

so ya, the truck to the helicopter was as far as melinda’s camera could go ):


extremely eventful day! haha if only everyday was this spontaneous.
in two weeks, i’m going to miss you melly!!!


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