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haha one word to sum up last night – nauseating

from now on,
golden rule: mixers >>>> shots

anyhow its was an experience after all, and it wasn’t that bad really. only that i felt really nauseous the whole time. i remember leaving for the toilet and then ‘fire burning’ came on ): but by then if i had stayed any longer, there would’ve been alot more things burning up my throat.

we all left early because i wasn’t the only nauseous one haha. poker face was playing when we walked out )))): but wah really cannot tahan already. nevermind, last night kind of reminded me that i should be taking a long long break from late nights. at least until recess week that is haha!

but otherwise, the first part of it was super fun!

lol oh ya! while melinda and i were queueing early, some guy came over and said to us,
‘hi! i’m going to do something really random..i’m going to sign you guys in’

oh course we were like err…..whats the catch? after all, he did look a little neurotic, plus he was carrying a lighted cigarette. dangerous!

sensing our apprehension , he continued,
‘no there’s no catch to this. i’m not going to ask you for your numbers. at the very most i’ll ask you for your names. i was just leaving so i’m just going to sign you guys in’

hahah SET LA!

so we got signed in as VIP!! i felt so smug showing off my VIP stamp on the LEFT hand to bouncers all night. bloody awesome, don’t even need to pay cover!

ya well but we still had to wait ages for the rest to show so that we could go in together. but once we were in, it was funfunfun all the way! can’t believe we took like close to 150 pictures before we hit the dancefloor. insane camwhoreness.








un-sober melinda hahaha


aww thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday while clinking glasses last night, even though my birthday is not till tuesday. felt very much like a pre-birthday ((:

and so was the rest of last week actually haha! and although that might’ve been as good as it gets, one must be thankful nonetheless.

but ya, i’m totally plummeting down to the real world now. a 4 hour tuition marathon awaits me, and the impending week of school. but i am looking forward to tuesday, and major birthday present SHOPPING after! 😀


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