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am supposed to be spending the entire thursday afternoon drafting a pamphlet about Urinary Tract Infections. and so far, the only productive thing i’ve done is pee.

zomg before that, i was looking through all these ancient pamphlets that i have, and i found some about STIs. WAHHH BLOODY DISGUSTING PICTURES CAN! trust me, you will never never never want to put yourself in a situation where you are prone to genital warts or gonorrhea..

and i also decided i wasn’t going to pick any topic involving STIs, because i am not going to subject myself to the pain of staring at these nauseating pictures while trying to feel inspired to write a pamphlet.

haha anw i was feeling fatty and extremely motivated to run around the estate today. but then its storming outside like crazy. must be a sign that its ok to keep up with the fatty diet for the time being. haha shall make a mental note not to watch anymore videos of wondergirls and their wonderlegs until the next time i exercise.

i honestly can’t wait for the weekend! or at least for school to be over on friday. its been such a LOOONNNG week. sometimes on GEK lectures on tuesday, while i’m dozing off, i dream that i’m sitting in a friday GEK lecture. but then i wake up and realize there are 3 more days of school before the misery ends ):

and thanks to the 4/5 8am days, my panda eyes are completely disgusting. haha i’ve been koping some of my mum’s khiels eye recovery/firming/rejuvenation shit in a vain attempt to salvage the effects of late nights online. but i simply can’t fall asleep before 12am nowadays!

also looking forward to the awesome birthday clubbing party on saturday! of course it won’t be as intoxicating as joel’s bday because i dont have $$ to open bottles for everyone. but because its at butter, there’s bound to be fantastic music and some calorie burning!! who needs running now? haha

ok back to UTI pamphlet…

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