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tuesdays are absolutely dreadful because they’re brutal 8am to 6pm days ): i practically heaved myself all over school today, haha but also because of the very self-sacrificial load in my bag 😉 might have built some shoulder muscles anyway, so it was probably semi-worth it.

by the end of the day, i was so shagged that i fell asleep on the bus back and kept colliding repeatedly with the guy who was nodding off next to me haha!! there was one point when the bus jerked, and my head collided into his shoulder. i woke up suddenly and tried to hold really still, in case he also woke up and was wondering what that colossal force was. haha but the fellow continued sleeping and nodding all over the place. heng ahh….

thankfully, i got off at the next stop before he could wake up and realise (if ever at all) that it was me head butting him all along.

its almost a week before my birthday! haha but yesterday i went to ION with suelynn and found this super gorgeous white leather bag at New Look. so i asked mummy if i could get it as Part of the present and there’s no way to say no to that kind of excuse lol! well i thought of pushing it to ask whether i could get the Aldo snakeskin sandals also but then at the rate that i’m going, by next tuesday, i’ll be presentless already hahaha.

also, since yesterday was the last half day for monday in our sad sad semester, suelynn and i went towning after school! watched the proposal and its really awesome because i absolutely ❤ ryan reynolds!!! why are there men like him who are stupid enough to marry big-breasted and fugly women like scarlett johansson?? grrr

okay, i shall go watch big-bang theory now. and maybe that will inspire me to look research on how viscosity and rheology affects physical stability.


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