days like these

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wah today was chaos!

had 2-tuition marathon, and basically the rest of my allocated ‘nerd’ time was spent catching up on pharmacostats tutorials because i was facebooking and online shopping during the friday lecture hahaha. if i could do a frequency table on the amount of brain space allocated to each activity within a span 24 hours, online shopping at forever 21 would definitely be an extreme outlier.

ooh but i’m really happy because this week i earned $310 because i managed to squeeze in 6 lessons of tuition. and i’ve set my mind on buying an ipod touch (like finally) so right now, i’m approximately $100 away from the goal! cum 10 september at comex, i’ll finally own an awesome ipod touch! touchie touchie!!

i can listen to clubbing songs with a couple of finger swipes. and i’m going to learn how to break the stupid code so i can download free games like cooking mama!

seems like such a long time away though..i might just give up and buy it at the apple store instead lol!

omg tomorrow will be another ardous 4 hour marathon.
but for you, my dear touchie, it will all be worth it (:


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