pity party

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i honestly couldn’t have lasted any longer hahaha. when mag suggested clubbing the next day halfway through a very boring lecture on tuesday, i practically jumped out of my chair at the chance to take a break from the monotony of school.

butter was Super empty!! we thought that the queue would be horrid, as usual. so we went at like 9pm. but there was absolutely nobody queuing until 945pm haha. we were second in line omg, after the 2 brave girls who decided to start the queue. by 1015pm, we were in! even earlier than all the times that we went in via joel’s good connections.

the drinks queue was so quick that night! probably accounted for why we were having rounds and rounds of vodka cranberry, ribena, lime and orange in different combinations at a time. wah high ah high!

weepin and weeboon came to join us later at 1am. lousy weepin drank one glass and decided that his 22 year-old body was too exhausted to take it anymore.

lol finally today, i was back to my duty of being photographer for the night. haha one important lesson i’ve learnt is that if you dont want unglam photos of you posted on facebook the morning after, be the one to bring the camera. its worth it although it might be a bitch to carry it around all night.

hee hee i think i have at least 5 blackmail photographic evidence of suelynn in my camera from last night LOL!



i wish someone had invented permanent lip gloss ):


ooh anyhow it was super fun! but they never played fire burning ))): either that or they played it while i was in the loo peeing. boo ):

cant wait for next saturday. i love birthdays. they give everyone the excuse to partyyyy!


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