hell or glory

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finished school at 10am today and despite the fatigue from last night- i woke up with a splitting migraine in the middle of the night. i swear i thought i was going to die and i was thinking about all the things i’ve yet to accomplish in my life. like celebrating my 21st birthday, dating a doctor, getting that SGH scholarship, eating mao shan wang ice-cream at udders and such. but anyway 3 paracetamols helped me out with the intense pain. and for now, i’m still alive so that’s good.

yes despite the lack of sleep and serious panda eyes, i went to OCC to gym anyway haha.

okay but then after lunch we felt too heavy to do any serious exercise. so we hung out at the usual weight machines and did 3 sets of 20 for each even though they probably didn’t count cos we were doing it anyhow haha! but my body is rather achy so maybe there must’ve been some sort of effect after all.

and because the treadmills were mostly occupied, we left after 20 minutes to hit the pool. haha at least i swam 10 olympic lengths. bloody hell i didnt know 1 olympic length is so bloody long! all the while i thought farrer park swimming pool was normal-sized.

yes everything about this screams the word ‘unfit‘. haha we ended up bumming around and camwhoring. pool shots are always the funniest, i think. haha the gym trainer walked past midway through a pool-jump shot. bloody embarrassing! i’m never wearing my acjc yellow t-shirt to the OCC gym anymore.


feeling extremely tired now but i cannot sleep because i gotta go tutor a girl in awhile. sucks to survive on less than 6 hours of sleep everyday. my youth and beauty are supposed to be peaking now but at the rate i’m going, i’m going to skip that peak before i even know it.

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