cooler than the flipside of my pillow

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yet another weekend comes and goes. i was, however, extremely appreciative for this weekend though because school was exhausting me like crazy. everyday i’m forcing myself to sleep before 12am, which is pretty difficult considering i’m still recovering from my holiday-2am-nights jetlag.

and my attention level is really dipping during lectures nowadays. i dont remember being so lazy last semester haha but 3 months have really slacken me up by alot. i should start chionging soon if i want to maintain my CAP.

haha but im quite happy because i read up on pharm stats this weekend. uh also because i know i wont be listening during lectures cos it seems to be delivered in a completely different language. the last time i checked, lectures were supposed to be english.

i was about to start on SP1203 tutorial 2 today but then i got distracted by Greek- my newly-found companion for those lonely weekends (: Greek is basically about sororities and fraternities: sex, alcohol and bitchy girls. ooh my favourite combination!

also, i feel super unfit and obligated to exercise. so i’m going to go gymming with gen on monday after school. hopefully we make this a weekly habit haha though gen had better, because she got dragged to run in the stand chart marathon in december- crazy. and for me, i’d just like to lose some thighs before the holidays come along and alcohol starts making regular visits to my liver.

haha shit my mum gave me like 10 nursing day special GV $1 off coupons for non free-listing movies. and so far, i’ve just been giving them out to everyone else because i know i wont be using them. the joy of being attached is that you will always have a permanent person to watch movies with, no matter how shitty the movie is.

argh i can feel the monday blues migraine creeping up on me now.
here we go again!


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