stage 5: acceptance

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am recovering from joel’s happening 20th birthday at butter. haha this time i had no idea why there were suddenly so many bottles of alcohol around. and of course when there are bottles and bottles of booze, the natural thing for everyone to do is to drink in excess.


classic picture of melinda and her armpits, as well as joel and his pit sweat stains LOL!

also, this time my camera was totally hijacked halfway through and at the end of the night, i found pictures of people i didnt know in it. damn weird lol!

i think half the time melinda and joel weren’t even with me. melinda left like super early, and joel had to go home because he was too drunk, i think, although i dont recall him behaving drunkenly. even raymond got smashed. hahaha that was hilarious, because he’d suddenly shout for no reason and then immediately slip back into sweet slumber on the couch.


also had no idea how the guys and i managed to all slip into bump, because fash music was totally gross. so it was rnb all night! awesome!

hope joel had an awesome time though! because i definitely did!
thanks joel for paying the cover!!!

now marks the official start of boring school ): gotta go start printing notes and checking dreaded IVLE, instead of facebook, more often from now on.

friday was also my SGH scholarship round 2 interview. i went in at 6pm for my allocated interview slot, but then it got dragged to 8pm :S it was a long long wait, but there were classmates for company so i didn’t feel so nervous when i finally went in. guess i did okay, still believe that it would be a miracle if i get offered. time to start accummulating some good karma so miracles can happen for me.


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