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on wednesday night, we made a completely impromtu decision to go to butter for our last clubbing night. but i’m glad we did because it was one of the best wednesdays ever (:

thank goodness for joel and his many connections though. haha he called some guy to come down and let us girls in earlier without queueing. then for the guys, he managed to find another random guy, who later found another random guy, to come over and open bottle with them. lol!

that wednesday was also the only time that melinda was sober the whole night. hahah!! i think i stopped her at 3 drinks. but regardless, she was still just as high, but with better eyesight LOL. although there was one point that she and cassy were coming at me from both sides and kissing my cheeks over and over again- i suppose homosexual tendencies have a higher chance of showing up in sober people.

on the other hand, joel was being extremely picky when it came to girls!! i think i told like 2 girls that ‘my friend wants to dance with you!!‘ and joel was like ‘DONT WANT! I DONT WANT THAT ONE! I WANT THE OTHER ONE!!!

anyhow, butter’s music is the best! i wished they played cobra starship’s ‘Good Girls Gone Bad’ though.

haha i look extremely stupid in most of the pictures that night because sober melinda/cassy were doing all of the phototaking that night. no wonder people dont bring cameras to club.

oh ya omg


there were these two weirdos hovering below the raised platform (where we were at) and asking
melinda to come down and dance with them because ‘she was too hot to be up there‘ HAHA. of course sober melinda, with better eyesight this time, said no way. then the nerd fellow with the cool 69 shirt came up onto the platform and asked ‘can i borrow your friend??‘ lol good sober melinda saved my ass and said ‘no she’s too drunk to move‘ hahaha! then the bouncer came over and bounced him off the platform. lol retards!




oh well happy times aside, i have a round 2 interview with SGH for their mid-term scholarship this evening. haha i’m honestly very surprised that i got this far. but well, i’ll cross my fingers and hope that another miracle will get me through!


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