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i just ended my month long facilitation job at a convent primary school. must say that it has been one of the best jobs ever because time passes so quickly, and the pay is awesome (:

furthermore, the hours are really relaxing because i only need to be there for approximately 3 hours twice a week in the afternoons. so that gives me plenty of time to carry out my other happening holiday activities while still ‘working’ at the same time.

and i guess its hardly considered a job because half the time i’m just standing around and observing the weird things that convent girls do during life science lessons. during one session, they all had to use gloves to handle bacteria-ridden things. after that they’d all rush to the toilet to wash their gloves so that they can keep it and bring them home. lol wtf!

oh and the girls are EXTREMELY whiny and dependent. everytime they are instructed to do an activity, i can hear resounding echos of ‘MISS MICHELLEEEE!!!!‘ from all over the classroom.


now, i can totally understand what its like to be a rockstar and fans are shouting your name hysterically.

then there’re the ones with the extra sensitive tear glands and the others with the diva attitudes. aiyo and when they all cry ah, its the same pattern one- they will rest their heads on their folded arms on the table. i mean like everyone knows that you are crying like a crybaby already, still want to hide and be shy for what? you mean if you hide your face then more of your friends will come over and comfort you isit?!

A: MISS MICHELLE!! B dont want C to join our group so she make C cry. then if C join our group then B dont want to join already.

want to strangle them sometimes. like hello, you are only 10 years old and you already have so many issues. how about we trade places?

oh of course, being in primary school, they all HATE boys. hahahaha the nadiah was explaining the term ‘pheromones’ and they all got so offended like it was so hard to imagine why they would ever need pheromones to get the attention of stupid smelly boys.

bet they wouldnt say the same in 3 years. lol!

on the last session, they will all get hysterical and ask if they can add me on facebook and msn. again, i dont understand why a 10 year old needs facebook. haha anyway better not let them add me. later i get spammed all sorts of strange requests to play pet society with them or something. but aww its also very heartwarming that when i’m in school to attend a different session, i get girls walking by and saying hello to me! but i have absolutely no recollection of what their names are lol!!

thank goodness i’m not a teacher, its bloody impossible to remember so many names la.

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