life as a complex system

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oh noo today i broke cold turkey and bought a skirt from miss selfridge!! argh i’ve been buying things every single week and after each time, i’d tell myself i need to stop. and last week was a real achievement because i actually managed to abstain, but also cos joel had my topshop card lol!

and then today i saw the really pretty tulip skirt at miss selfridge. actually i bought the exact same thing from wetseal, that came in the mail a few days ago, but its like fricking UK 12 although its labelled size S. i dont know how the hell i’m supposed to fit in it la ):

haha afterwards gen and i walked over to topshop and she tried on a lovely purple skirt. feeling awfully guilty after blowing 1 tuition lesson’s pay over a skirt, i offered her my topshop $10 voucher so that i wouldnt need to buy something haha. my good deed for the day!

anyhow, i’m depressed that school is starting soon. goodbye to late nights, and late late nights, and hangover thursdays, and quiet peaceful sentosa..

this sem really sucks because i end at 5/6pm everyday for 5 days, and start 4 out of 5 days at 8am. SIBEH SIAN! because of the horrid timetable, i can only pick from a measly pile of shitty electives. so this sem, i’m doing a physics module called ‘life as a complex system’. ya, sounds bloody complex as it is. and how apt really, to be taking it now lol.

yup 5 horrible days plus a tuition-filled weekend. goodbye to life ):
but before that, dbl O on wednesday and butter on saturday.
this week is going to be FABULOUS (:


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