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oh dear i am so brown now that it takes awhile to recognize myself in the mirror haha! today i discovered the joy of ‘tanning in comfort’ at cafe del mar! omg so far i’ve been dragging my ginormous beach mat, and lying on hard sand, while trying to dodge incoming rouge soccer balls. then go home still have to wash beach mat, wah piang.

at cafe del mar got nice tanning bed, a very cooling pool, and awesome drinks! and you dont need to spend a minimum amount to use all their facilities! very cool! sadly the last time i went there, you need to spend like $100 wtf, i think that was because it was a weekend ):

the tanning bed is actually quite gross when you think about all the people who have sweated on it before you, but better than lying on sand la. anyway it got too scorching hot, so we went to soak in the murky pool. i hope the water is murky because of all the insoluble sunblock cream that gets washes off, and not kids’ pee…


um yea i hope the one at the back didn’t feel the need to pee when he’s in such a comfortable position.

haha then we got vip ticket to the jacuzzi! the idea is much better than it actually is, because i saw corpses of ants and flies floating all over. and my thumb nearly got decapitated while i was having fun with the bubble jet lol!


we went back to the tanning beds to tan awhile more and melinda made us get B52s- lol pretty little things that taste nice.


and haha this tan shall last me all the way until december. by then i’ll be all pale and gross from all the mugging already ):

2 more weeks )): depressed..


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