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ugh don’t ever eat nissin’s mushroom chicken cup noodles. its so salty and fake-tasting. the only reason why i had to try it is because there was no more tom yam seafood and i’m always in a rush to have my lunch because i have facilitation at 130pm ):

lunch disasters aside, my weekend was pretty happening!

saturday was spent at the beach with matin’s guards pals. it was intended to be a big beach outing for the boys and extra gfs who are forced to tag along. but well, only 3 people showed up. hahaha so 1 hour was used for icebreaking the awkwardness of 5 people in game of volleyball. and despite being in volleyball in sec school, i absolutely suck at it still. so that game definitely didn’t help me exude my awesomeness. okay, nvm.

next icebreaking game was frisbee. even worse wah lao…my frisbee throws are completely helpless i dont even want to think about a word to describe it. after awhile i just gave up being apologetic for my lousy frisbee throws and tried to have fun anyway.

by the end of it i got an ugly shades tan on my face and racerback tan on my back. all the hard work gone into preserving a spotless tan on my back all gone to the gutter in 1 day. oh well but apart from that, i dont think the outing was such a failure after all because everyone made new friends for the day.

then there was kaye’s birthday dinner at her place on sunday. haha this time, friend-making was more strictly enforced. kaye practically told us that by the end of the day, we’d need to have made at least 2 new friends. haha wtf very stressful leh. but by that i had already talked to suat ying and li ling so i was pretty much done for the day hee hee!

but all of kaye’s friends from church were really spontaneous and friendly so they’d come up and try to burst that awkward leave-me-alone bubble that we’d encase ourselves in. and i realised that we live in such a small world, such that whole ‘getting-to-know-you’ conversations can be simply based on the same topic of ‘do you know this person?‘.

oh yes anyhow, kaye’s house is massive!! its along ascott road and all the (few) houses there are all pretty massive! her house has a pool- that i’m going to go over and enjoy when she invites us over the next time, a grand piano in the living room with plenty of space around it, at least 2 large tvs, and very nice, smooth, and clean marble floors. very shiok lehhh. if i lived in a house like that i wouldnt wanna leave it for a whole year. haha then everyday invite friends over for pool party. fantastic!

after the party i went to eat udders with joel and melly! udders ice-cream is one of the best i’ve ever tasted but their liquor ice-creams dont taste very nice after 2 mouthfuls. very jelat la. so always safe to order non liquor icecreams if you are having the entire cone by yourself.

shit i’ve been having so much fun blogging i forgot i have facilitation. BYEBYE


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