terrible thursday

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was recovering from a first-timer’s experience of a terrible hangover on thursday. haha i think it wasnt so much because i drank alot but rather, i forgot to drink enough water after that.

but i do regret drinking that last glass of vodka cranberry. lol the guys opened bottle so we all drank from there. then we went to get vodka cranberry from the counter, and that tasted nice!! so after that we found ourselves in the queue again for another glass. but then the guys were chased away because they didnt have the drink tag or dunno what. i should have just left with them la. i was already leaving, then shuqin convinced us to just stay in the queue and get another drink- worst advice i’d taken the entire night.

didnt help that my poor bladder was hurting under all the strain of fluids, my world was swirling all around. it took ten times the effort just to walk to the toilet and focus all my energy on trying to look sober. haha!! at least i was sober enough to do that well.

i kept getting lost amid the crowd while trying to find melinda and joel on the dancefloor. damn packed la! the second time i couldnt find them, i just gave up and went back to the table. lol spent the rest of the night laughing at shaun because he was high for the first time since i’ve seen him drinking. and raymond too because he switches between being extremely zonked and extremely cheerful haha. and the both of them were stealing booze from the next table LOL.


when the people from the next table came back, the bottle of dunno what was empty already. then they stared at us and i was gesturing ‘NOTHING TO DO WITH ME‘ wildly. lol shaun, on the other hand, couldnt control himself and was giggling ridiculously. i’m quite relieved we didn’t get bashed up or something lol!!

oh dear, and there was this passed out person lying on the seats next to us. haha and because i swear i didn’t see him, not because i wasn’t sober, but because it was dark and he was wearing black. seriously never see. so while i was climbing onto the seat i stepped on him lol shit! only then did i realised that there was a body lying there. you sian was like ‘i cant believe you just stepped on him‘ LOL

then mischievous shaun took ice cubes and started tossing it at the poor boy. i suppose his intentions were good la because maybe he wanted to wake him up. but all the ice cubes seem to land only on the guy’s armpit, which may seem like whatever now, but when you are high, that’s like the funniest sight you can ever lay your unfocused eyes on!

haha so shaun threw a few more ice cubes. okay i think i also contributed 1 or 2 la, i’m no saint, but then i remembered that i stepped on the poor guy before that so i stopped. haha!!


haha omg then i also saw this couple who looked damn high but were still trying to make out. but because they were so drunk, they kept missing when they kissed!! lol!!


haha why does being high equate to looking constipated?? i dont understand!



lol oh i also remember that i kept asking paul where his gf is. cos i couldnt remember what he said when i asked him the first time so i asked him again later, then hes like ‘she’s not here! i told you already! you are DRUNK!‘ haha omg totally called my sober-bluff.

haha what an unforgettable night man. if only mel and joel were all there then we’d have more fun being silly and laughing at people doing silly things. butter’s music is the best i’ve heard so far! definitely going back soon, although i will definitely not be drinking too much the next time.

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