fight fire with fire

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potty and half blood prince is the most awesome harry potter movie ever haha. but i guess i’m biased because i loved that book the most, although i think the screenplay was much better than previous movies. and rupert grint never fails to crack me up everytime. oooh and there’s the new character, Cormac McLaggen who is very very hamshum!!! he happens to be some brit model with a very nice rack of abs (:

i definitely wouldn’t mind watching it again! well i did, however, watch transformers again. haha but strangely i enjoyed it, especially the parts where some people in the cinema are already laughing before the funny parts come on, and you kind of know that this isn’t the first time they’re watching it.

apart from box office movies, i’ve been swamped with facilitation sessions and tuition.

lol and i realised through my facilitation, that convent girls can be extremely exasperating yet adorable at the same time. haha makes me wonder what teachers thought of me as a wee 10 year old, with super high-waisted belt and mid-calf lenth pinafore. i dont think i was that annoying though, i was always obedient and quiet lol!

i also saw my primary 4 form teacher today. recognised her the instant she walked by the class. can’t believe its been 10 years since i was subjected to her frequent mood swings and major bouts of PMS. which i think is the suckiest thing about being in pri school. teachers can be plain rude to you and you’ll never realise it until you become a rebellious know-it-all teenager. i am just so glad that 10 years down the road, i dont need to be at the receiving end of her pre-menopausal fits.

tomorrow is a big day. i know i must have faith but its difficult knowing the odds are really against me. i’m just so surprised and thankful that i’m being given a chance for tomorrow. hope everything goes well!


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