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haha i followed melinda and joel to the SPCA today to look at cute animals who are waiting to be adopted. its so heart-warming yet sad to see all these adorable dogs, cats and fat lazy hamsters who are abandoned and are just waiting for somebody to look after them.

wah but of the dogs really do look vicious la- i’m terrified of large dogs, although the phobia is getting better each time i go over to melinda’s place. haha there was this HUGEASS german shepard in her claustrophobic cage, and began drooling uncontrollably when joel was standing outside of it LOL. who knows what she might do to him once melinda opens the cage..

ooh, and meet the huskies!!!


my favourite is flame (right), who is rather quiet and unscary. sadly, they’re not hdb-approved, although i dont know how come my neighbour upstairs manages to own a full-grown husky.

three adorable puppies (:

wahhh very cute leh, her name is sugar and shes so pretty!
but she likes to gnaw on people’s hands :S

one of the cats lazing around in the cattery and BIBI!! hahaha she’s a mini maltese that cracks us up each time because she looks so ridiculous no matter what she does!


half the time shes stoning, so i decided it was safe to go into her cage to play with her. haha but she was so unresponsive and too fragile to be playing catch- lol melinda said that if i threw the rubber toy at bibi, she’d probably concuss.

well but she’s already pending for adoption so i hope she finds an owner who can evoke more life in her. haha otherwise really damn boring. there’s only so long you can laugh at a mini maltease because she behaves ridiculously.

i went home and appreciated my dear amber a whole lot more. i think i shall take her to the vet soon for her growth-growing ears ):


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