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ahh the much awaited flea market happened over the weekend at SAM.

i was over at melinda’s in the afternoon retagging all our clothes nicely, drawing posters and arranging all the clothes.


setting up the place was pretty easy although we had to get everything up quickly because people were already streaming into the place to check out the clothes. lol! our spot was DAMN large and prominent, like right at the front of the courtyard entrance.

well but we were kind of next to this large red tent selling god-awful flowery-print bikinis. it was such a strange sight la! one of the bikinis had two flowers printed strategically to look (unintentionally) like nippies. hahaha!




our first customers were two little girls who wandered over and tried on my many-many bangles from topshop. hahah the bangles were like HUMONGOUS for their tiny wrists. but i think because they were so colourful, the girls couldn’t resist. lol so yay! my very first sale of the day! ((:

by 7pm the crowds were all streaming in. we managed to sell my bonitochico zara satin top and suelynn’s heels to this woman who was extremely good at bargaining. zomg in the end i just agreed to her price because otherwise i doubt anyone would buy it. we also sold 3 pairs of slippers to this lady and her husband hahaha. damn good deal la they paid $20 for 3 pairs of brand new old navy slippers man.

ooh and we also spotted jade seah! wahhh shes so pretty and her legs are like never-ending…and shes thigh-less. AND SHE TOUCHED MY DRESS 😀 😀 😀 hahaha of course she never buy la, she can afford diane von furstenberg, why would she want forever 21. haha but she had to look interested in the flea stuff because she was doing a photo op i think. ooh now my F21 dress has jade seah’s aura. i would wear it but its too short for me ): hopefully her aura would mean that it gets sold soon!


it started to pour. it poured like it hadn’t poured in years, buckets of water were splashing down the roofs and we had to move everything into the corridors at lightning speed!! very sad leh…once we were in the sheltered corridor, everyone had to find a way to reorganize the flea. in the end it was so cramp and our spot was all the way at the end of the museum. the people who were nearer the entrance managed to shift everything into the porch so they’d get the bulk of the crowd that came in.

really no fate la…wah lao mel and i went to check out the flea on fri night and the weather was so good then. we booked for saturday because we’d expected a higher volume of crowd. but we’d never expect it to rain on us )):

although the crowds did thin, there was still a steady stream of people coming to patronise us la. bumped into teng ming and she bought suelynn’s friend’s dress (:

this really sweet girl came over and bought two of melinda’s ASOS dresses. one boyfriend also bought melinda’s shoes for his gf aww! and i managed to sell a few more belts and shorts (:

and because there was no space, i had to leave my eastpak bag on top of the suitcase we brought, leaning against the wall. haha omg at least 6 people walked past, started molesting my bag and asked if it was on sale.


joel and his paul-ly pocket came to visit and kept us company from 12 to 2am. haha but i think joel might’ve scared off some of our customers with his loud voice..

overall, i made about $43, more than enough to cover the cost of the rent. suelynn also made about $46 selling her guess bag and shoes. melinda made the most though, about $100+ haha damn awesome right? i’m sure it would’ve been loads better if it hadn’t rained…well but at least we didn’t make a loss la.

it was pretty fun la to be honest, but its definitely less tiring and more lucrative to sell online. i guess at fleas, people are really not looking to spend more than $20 on something although it is brand new. so i guess its good i didn’t get to sell my brand new F21 dresses because they definitely would’ve been sold at a loss.

and the money i’ve made, lol!! i spent them on new clothes already shit… hahaha not my fault got topshop sale and additional 10% off with my F3 card! i bought a two lovely nice tops and a skirt. hee hee hee shopping is addictive and never-ending..


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