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melinda and i are on for SATURDAY 11 JULY
7pm to 2am, stall number F037

or just come visit, really, haha 7 hours has got to be a pretty long time to kill without any visitors. there are only so many times that melinda can entertain me by singing ‘tuts my barreh‘. LOL

we’re selling a bunch of clothes and accessories. there’re brand new ASOS and F21 clothes all selling at extremely reasonable prices instead of jacked-up prices to make profit. you definitely won’t find most of these pieces selling in the stores in Singapore, even in F21!

there are also pre-loved but good condition clothes, which includes the nice clear bag from m)phosis for only $10, this bunch of 4 or 5 necklaces and the entire set is only going for $7, an AX top for only $20, and a worn-once-ONLY topshop denim skirt for $25 (which is like less than half the retail price zomg!).

extremely good buys if you are cash strapped right now but in dire need of new clothes. haha while price-tagging the clothes at melinda’s house, we kept eyeing the stuff that was about to be sold. very tempting to just buy them off each other but that would really defeat the purpose of selling lol!!

directions on how to get there:

take mrt to dhoby gaut, and then take a bus from outside plaza sing. i’m quite sure that you can take most (if not all) of the buses that stop there. its basically just 1 bus stop, you stop outside hotel rendezvous, and walk down abit more and you will see Singapore Arts Museum!! we’ll be right outside, at the entrance courtyard i think. so its not hard to miss it (:

BRING LOTS OF CASH, if you can just walk over to the POSB building next door and draw money lol! very convenient yes!



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